June 18, 2021

Dr. Raquel Llorca Cuevas del Insular dies – La Provincia

These days you have left us forever after a fight without quarter, without ever giving up, always radiating positivity and joy. All of us who met you, who saw you grow as a doctor, from the first day you arrived at our Intensive Medicine service of the Insular Hospital, which you presented yourself one day ago about 9 years ago as the new resident doctor, but of which no you could say goodbye, as you could not from each and every one of those people who worked with you, who respected you and loved you as a person and as a doctor. From this medium we want to pay you this small tribute of your companions, many friends, in case one day your little girl stirs in the trunk of memories asking to know more about someone who gave his whole being for her, that it is recorded that in this service that formed her as an intensivist doctor and, sure as a person, left an indelible mark for everyone. I would like to highlight the enormous respect during his last hours in the ICU, among his colleagues who knew how to contain the enormous pain of your departure and your suffering while treating the other patients who were also admitted. A farewell surrounded by family and colleagues that will accompany you forever. See you soon Raquelita


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