March 7, 2021

Dr. Negrn Hospital treats patients with dry eye syndrome with eye drops made with their blood – The Province

The University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín through its Hematology services, specifically the Blood Bank, and Pharmacy, has made, since 2007, around 3,000 eye drops using serum extracted from the patient's own blood. Precisely, an oral communication on this treatment, presented by nursing professionals of the hospital center, has won the first prize in the framework of the 16th edition of the Congress of the Association of Ophthalmological Nursing Canaria recently celebrated in Tenerife.

'Comprehensive approach of the patient with indication of autologous serum eye drops' is the title of the communication in which the process of elaboration, results and work dynamics implanted in the elaboration of a special eye drop made with the blood of the patient with it can be treated with various ocular pathologies such as, among others, the syndrome of dry, moderate or severe eye, when traditional eye drops are not effective. Carlos Domínguez Juan, beside Noelia Santana Quintana, Sonia González Martínez Y Jenifer Cazorla Herrera, have been the authors of this work deserving of the prize for the best communication.

The specialists point out that this serum has a component very similar to the natural tear, for this reason, the results obtained by applying this eye drop are optimal. In this way, the damaged ocular surface can be repaired by a specific pathology, reduce inflammation and pain and favor better ocular lubrication, in addition to protecting the eye from infections.

Although this eye drop is frequently used in the area of ​​Ophthalmology, patients with problems related to rheumatology and even bone marrow transplant patients may be affected by dry eye syndrome and, therefore, may be susceptible to treated with this special eye drop. Dry eye is more prevalent in elderly people, especially postmenopausal women, people who wear contact lenses daily or who spend many hours in front of screens. Also in people who live in dry climates, who are exposed to heating and a large pollution, and patients who take certain drugs.

Ophthalmology Congress

The XVI Congress of the Canary Ophthalmological Nursing Association was held in Tenerife on June 21 and 22, with the celebration of several papers on various topics such as the 'Visibility of Nursing focused on the empowerment of the ophthalmological patient' and 'Fundamental aspects in the Humanization of the Sanitary Assistance ', among others. In addition, several round tables were also held in which the role of the patient as the center of the health system was analyzed, as well as the importance of the Patient School as a fundamental element of interaction. Free communications and workshops completed the scientific program of this new edition of the Congress of the Association of Ophthalmological Nursing Canaria.

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