Dpor lex Bergantios player files a complaint for illegal detention – La Provincia

Álex Bergantiños filed yesterday at the Lonzas police station a complaint for illegal detention against the two police officers displaced from Madrid on October 5 at the request of the League’s Integrity Commission for an alleged crime of corruption between individuals. Everything happened after a leak of a WhatsApp audio in which the Coruñés summoned his colleagues to travel to A Coruña to play against Fuenlabrada and to articulate some type of protest act for which the rival would be warned.

In less than twelve hours the agents, members of the National Police Center for Integrity in Sports and Gambling, traveled from the capital and They arrested him in a park near his home when he was with his family, while his mobile phone was seized and he was transferred to the police station to give a statement.After the pertinent clarifications, the midfielder left the police station at liberty and without charges, although also without his mobile device, taken to Madrid and that someone in his name had to go to look for just ago two days 600 kilometers from your home. All these actions were censored by the Prosecutor’s Office, by several police unions and by a judge from A Coruña, who did not allow the police to access or dump the cell phone data of the Coruña soccer player.

“It was a bit strange. That it is investigated if things can be done like that or not”. Álex Bergantiños, still surprised and accompanied by his lawyer Óscar Rama, delved into the reasons that led him to take the step when leaving the police station. He wants to know “if they acted well” against him and “how he treated” the arrest and the requisition of the telephone, which he had to search in Madrid days ago.

The Deportivo captain wanted to highlight his innocence and was surprised by the speed that the authorities had with him in contrast to the absence of public explanations and in court of the rest of the protagonists after the alleged medical negligence committed by allowing the Fuenlabrada trip. “It draws attention”, he advances before continuing his argument. “That’s what hurts the most and that is what motivates this (the complaint). I have nothing to hide, I have not done anything wrong, and that is why it is surprising that I am stopped to testify and that they make me go through a bad public time and then everything else goes so slowly, that no one comes to testify, that nobody explains the possible sanitary negligence“, he concluded.

The athlete downplayed the leak itself and the betrayal that private locker room conversations come to light and preferred to stop at the pernicious use that has been made of his words. “It was a conversation that says absolutely nothing. The damage is in who wants to use it to look for him, I do not know what kind of interpretation and do damage, “he emphasized.” In the end it can be anyone who can send it to an agent or a family member and we already know how fast all this is going now. The issue is who publishes it and then Let’s see if it is enough to move all that logistics and who ordered my arrest and my mobile, which I have been without for several days“He reasoned about the police action that he asks to investigate after yesterday’s complaint. Another issue that scares him is the lack of concern of the authorities to return his mobile phone, when in other actions records were broken within the deadlines:” I am surprised by the how quickly there was to come here before I don’t know what kind of indication and then the slowness to recover something that is yours. “

A defenseless wardrobe

Dépor was defenseless as there was no unified matchday, the players were also defenseless by not allowing them to compete on equal terms and by forcing them to play two weeks later in a duel that for Álex is “an anecdote”, but the negative consequences of what happened do not end there for the players. Alex details them, although he is not one of those directly affected by that legal limbo in which many members of the Dépor staff find themselves: “It hurts me that there are colleagues who do not know what category they are in, They don’t know what contract they are going to have next year, they don’t know if they can sign on other teams or here. He is leaving everything, talking about other things and not making decisions. That is the worst for football and for Dépor, which is directly affected “.

As in all this crisis, the movements of the footballers’ union in defense of its members they have been conspicuous by their absence. Alex only “appreciates” that they defended him when the audio was leaked, but the rest are reproaches: “AFE was wrong in many things that they allowed themselves to do with the players and with all this that has happened in recent days, and more things that happened with the return to competition. There are many things to improve in the union and I have already transmitted them internally to the people and their president. “


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