dozens of neighbors set out to clean the snow in Madrid

Dozens of residents of Madrid and their community are organizing by WhatsApp groups to form cleaning brigades. In the messages, volunteers are asked to join the tasks provided with any utensil that can be used to remove snow: pans, trays and brooms. Also the AMPAS of some schools and institutes are asking that parents send their older children to collaborate in cleaning tasks.

The center of the country is preparing against the clock for a drastic drop in temperatures tonight that will potentially leave thousands of streets and vehicles disabled.

That is why the priority now is to open roadways for vehicles and footpaths, as well as to spread salt in driveways and exterior stairs.

Snow plows have not passed in most of the localities of the region and numerous population centers and urbanizations are trying to guarantee access without any help from the administrations. If the forecasts come true, the abundant accumulated snow will freeze in a few hours and, if it is not removed, the acquisition of food and basic necessities will be complicated during the first half of this week.

The Madrid City Council will deliver salt free of charge to all neighboring communities that request it and come to collect it at the distribution points established by the Environment and Mobility Area.

Last night the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso asked the citizens for help to remove as much snow as possible: "We are seeing images of ball wars, people skiing ... and we want to ask all those people and to all the citizens who have the strength, who are well, who help us remove as much snow as possible. We have crucial hours until tomorrow [por hoy] at noon, "Ayuso said on 'Antena 3'.


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