April 11, 2021

Dozens of dogs are in the name of a protector who disappeared eight years ago

About a hundred dogs are discharged, for Molina de Segura veterinarian investigated for alleged microchip fraud, on behalf of the protective Pro-Setter who disappeared about eight years ago, as recorded in the Animal Identification Registry of the Region of Murcia, Siamu.

According to the data checked one by one by this newspaper, 83 of these animals were registered by Ana Martínez Ferra on April 27 and 28, 2016 at SIAMU, several years after the identification device was implanted, also by the same professional.

On April 27, 2016, in full investigation by the relevant authorities, in the animal registry of the College of Veterinarians of Murcia Martínez Ferra discharged a total of 43 dogs, 15 of them declared as of the setter breed English and 25 as mestizos, but all of them on behalf of a PRO-Setter protector that since 2012 had ceased its activity as a rescue and animal protection entity.

The next day, on April 28, this same veterinarian, accessed the electronic service of Siamu and discharged another 43 dogs, also all in the name of the animal organization already disappeared. On this occasion, 37 were registered as mestizosTwo as a setter, one as a Yorkshire Terrier, one as a Spanish greyhound, one as a boxer and one as a German shepherd. All also with the microchip implanted years before by this professional.

The animal registry of the Region of Murcia is a totally private registry of the College of Veterinarians of the Community, but it is the one that governs and the Law obliges to register the dogs in it. The Community has created an Official Animal Identification Registry, and is planning “Redesign and improve” the region’s animal identification record in the regulatory development of the Law on the Protection of Pets whose draft is already prepared to begin processing in this first half of 2020.

At the time that the Ministry completes the regulatory development of this Law, the database of the Veterinary College must pass to the official registry of the Community, but first they will have to “solve” all the irregularities detected and that are now in the official investigation phase . As this newspaper has uncovered, the Court of Instruction of Molina de Segura has an investigation underway due to the proceedings carried out by the Seprona, after detecting serious irregularities in the registration of microchips, such as dogs registered with the SIAMU long before birth, Canes put in the name of protectors who never saw them, animals discharged into the database ten years after implanting the microchip, or a barrage of high dogs in just three days, all in principle by the same veterinarian, Ana María Martínez Ferra, on which the judicial investigation is centered.

As noted by the lawyer of the College of Veterinarians to LA RAZÓN, incidents are common in his body when making the records of the chips, and daily measures are taken to solve them: “Of course, measures are taken daily, because there are problems of this type, of microchip assignment errors in the pantries, of microchips that have not been registered for a million things, as you say because of problems with microchips, the School daily takes letters on this issue, ”he added.

Also in an internal statement that was sent to the members, the president of the College of Veterinarians, Fulgencio Fernández Buendía, recognizes the existence of “complex situations” that have had to be solved.

The veterinarian involved in her social networks has stated that everything is an orchestrated campaign against her person emphasizing that the information is false. “I have not been accused by any prosecutor, I have not been tried by any judge, I have not been convicted by any court … ”, said the veterinarian, but does not make any reference to the investigation carried out by the Seprona or the Court, nor to the numerous irregular records that this newspaper has published.

The records can be checked easily on the page siamu.org. By clicking on “verify data of your animal”, you enter the microchip number and the ID of the owner and return all information about the owner, dog, veterinarian who registers it and the dates of birth, implantation and registration of the microchip, among others .

Microchips registered in the name of Pro-Setter

All with document: 73657579:

From day 27:

981098102019475; 981098104048743; 981098102973066; 981098102681926; 981098102784162; 981098102781363; 981098104048610; 981098102976352; 981098102580301; 981098102576025; 981098102581598; 981098102584878; 981098102575090; 981098102626736; 981098102266929; 981098102188229; 981098104048419; 981098102616047; 981098102317832; 981098102628849; 981098102316603; 981098102313061; 981098104048106; 981098102975261; 981098102976161; 981098102275383; 981098102271966; 981098102311956; 981098102309841; 981098104049227; 981098102269574; 981098102246916; 981098102678713; 981098104048897; 981098102246890; 981098104048025; 981098102973982; 981098102276729; 941000017731452; 981098102975492; 981098102973878; 981098102974614.

And discharged on the 28th:

941000016683302; 941000016609664; 941000016609664; 941000016491856; 941000017430004; 941000016553579; 941000016683352; 941000016683303; 941000016683304; 941000016491858; 941000017238004; 941000016491879; 941000016491942; 941000016553558; 941000016553569; 941000016553571; 941000016553591; 941000017429988; 941000017429989; 941000017238252; 941000017204806; 941000016683343; 941000017204810; 941000017731473; 941000016553595; 941000016553602; 941000016553604; 941000016553546; 981098104436500; 941000017652540; 941000017652584; 941000017731409; 941000017238018; 941000017329710; 941000017429897; 941000017237988; 941000017237879; 941000017204875; 941000016683326; 941000017731472; 941000016491876; 941000016491869; 941000017238224;


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