Doubts of Promotion over 75% - La Provincia

The Ministry of Development ensures that"in no case" contemplates questioning or revising the current 75% discountto the residents and that all the reports that they are preparing are to know the evolution of the rates and the effect that thesubsidy increase, ensure that companies comply with competition regulations, andHave as much information as possible about the type of traveler who benefits from discounts.

The data crossing with the Tax Agency, announced yesterday by the acting minister, José Luis Ábalos, is fully legal and is endorsed by the AIReF and seeks to know to which segment of the population this state aid to passenger air transport is arriving in flights to the Peninsula, but "not at all" link the discount to the level ofrent, as noted by the Minister of Transportation,Sebastian Franquis, after speaking with those responsible for the Ministry within the framework of the Road Commission Monitoring Commission.

The alarms jumped in the Islands after Ábalos revealed Wednesday in Congress that the prices ofthe tickets have become more expensive 20% on average, in some cases up to 40%, since the entry into force in July 2018 of the increase in the discount for residents from 50% to 75%. Promotion has launched various prospecting actions to determine the cause. Among them, to urge the National Commission of the Mecados and the Competition to investigate if there are abusive practices on the part of the airlines and, on the other hand, to empower the Tax Agency to collate the fiscal data of the travelers who make more use of the discount. "We want to know exactly who are benefiting from these grants and how many times they are benefiting, because it could be that they benefit not too many, and too many times the same," said the minister of functions in Congress.


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