April 15, 2021

Dorian: "The songs always come out of a spark" | Culture

Dorian: "The songs always come out of a spark" | Culture

The images flood the Dorian songs. The subscribers of EL PAÍS understood why an exclusive meeting with the group, in the Club Changó, within the EL PAÍS + program. Arancha Moreno, journalist who led the event, made him notice: "You speak with images," he told Marc, leader of the group that was accompanied by Belly and Lisandro, after he explained that "songs always come out of a spark" which occurs when "the glass overflows, full of experiences, emotions and feelings".

The group, which this year has published the disc Universal JusticeHe told how they build their albums in an almost "obsessive manic" way, especially when the closing date approaches. "Six or seven months before you only live for the album," said Marc, who acknowledged that he can dedicate days or even months to finish a song. Lisandro recalled that it was very important to be filled in the previous months of experiences, to be close to the people, not to "accommodate", as that affects the outcome of the songs. The guitarist described how at first they work remotely, mainly using the mobile, from where they send audios and tracks that are chiselled separately and then finish in the studio. "Sometimes having so many tools can be a problem," said the three graciously, as ideas accumulate.

Dorian He was born more than 10 years ago from a nighttime meeting in Barcelona, ​​as Belly reminded him. For five "horrible" years for Marc, he was rejected by a score of record companies. "But something told us that we were not going badly," said the singer. They noticed it because they started to get "an echo" from the audience after their song We miss you, which they composed after the death of a close person. Later the subject would arrive To any other part, who played at the meeting, and who "got out of hand" by becoming viral. "It allowed us to make the leap to professionalism," said Marc.

After that success they already had a configured audience and, therefore, the fear of defrauding. They parked aside that pressure and they "played". The children of Dorian defend art as an entertainment in which you have to "roll the dice" and follow the instinct. In the same way, they have chosen to continue working with independent labels despite having received the call of two major labels. "It's the most comfortable and honest way we've found to work," Belly said.

Thus, with independent labels, it is like 10 years ago they arrived in Mexico, a country that they consider their second home and even, sometimes, the first. At that moment, artists like Natalia Lafourcade or the Zoé group exploded, with which they have turned and collaborated. From there they jumped to Colombia and Chile, among others. Now they have also taken the step to the US, where they have discovered a demand for music in Spanish that has moved them, and the "hermetic" French market.

This 2018 have given more than 40 concerts. They were turning even before publishing Universal Justice, what served them to test the themes of what they consider their album more "round". They feel "more on fire that never "and his audience has confirmed it in venues, festivals and big stages." Three of those concerts were on consecutive nights in the Riviera room in Madrid. "Marc ended up crying one day before an euphoric audience:" You accumulate many feelings when you two hours and Madrid is always magical. "The group still has a couple of weeks to enjoy what Belly called" a year of scandal. "


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