May 13, 2021

Doñana Natural Life will focus its fourth edition on birdwatching

The fourth edition of the Doñana Natural Life Ecotourism Fair, which will take place from April 16 to 19 in El Rocío (Huelva), will focus on birdwatching, as a fundamental element of biodiversity and tourism value differentiated from the sector.

For this, a program of activities and contents has been designed through which it will deepen the importance of the ornithology that becomes even more important in a region with extraordinary importance as a place of passage, breeding and wintering for thousands of European birds and African women, the organization has informed a statement.

In the region of Doñana, almost 300 species of birds can be sighted, including the Iberian imperial eagle, in serious danger of extinction.

That is why the technical program of the Fair will dedicate its knowledge space to the debate of bird watching as an undisputed pillar of ecotourism, for which it is planned to have the presence of a representative of one of the most important international fairs in this area, the Birdwatching Fair, while there will be media professionals specialized in information related to birds.

The fourth edition of Doñana Natural Life will have an area for companies specializing in optical / photography products / services for bird watching and nature videography, as well as those related to ecotourism activities for school children, education and environmental awareness.

In addition, it has been advanced that the fair will have Cuba as a guest country, a fact that also marks the international character of this event, as the Central American country is one of the main global rising values ​​in ecotourism and nature tourism.

The fair will once again be articulated as a great space for companies, institutions and destinations to show and promote their values ​​within this nature tourism; To all this is added the participation of leading international experts in an official conference program to discuss the future of nature tourism and best practices in this field.


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