Donald Trump will be "burned" in Honduras for rejection of the immigrant caravan

Donald Trump will be "burned" in Honduras for rejection of the immigrant caravan

The image of US President Donald Trump will be burned in Tegucigalpa on the last night of 2018, for his rejection of the thousands of Central American immigrants, most of them Hondurans, who last October attempted to illegally enter their country in several caravans

Trump is the main figure, represented in a puppet, that the employees of a tapestry workshop in the southern tip of Tegucigalpa chose this year to set fire to it during New Year's Eve to bid farewell 2018 and receive 2019 with the hope that the new year "bring well-being for Hondurans. "

The corruption between the explosion of rockets and mortars will not escape corruption, which the artisans have represented in a figure with the figure of the Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, whose government and other recent ones have been punctuated by accusations of corruption crimes. .

"We try to do something nice, people like the healthy criticism we make to see if the rulers decide to change one day," Gustavo Lagos, one of the employees of the upholstery workshop, who has been coming for fifteen years, told Efe preparing puppets to be burned at the end of the year.

The artisans elaborated the image of Donald Trump up on a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, in a vigilant position to prevent, with a pistol in his right hand, that Honduran and other Central American immigrants enter the country of dollar.

Other puppets with figures representing immigrants in a caravan to the United States in a cart pulled by a donkey, which is guided by a humble man with a hat representing the Honduran people, will also be burned on the last night of 2018.

Lagos indicated that in the elaboration of the puppets to be burned in the New Year's Eve of this year all the employees of the workshop participated, some twelve, and that the most difficult thing is to make the faces of the characters, in this case those of Donald Trump and Juan Orlando Hernández.

In the case of the half-length image of the Honduran president, dressed in a coat and tie, the artisans elaborated it by delivering a speech in a forum that could be the United Nations.

"Mr. Secretary, Madam President, let me tell you that no citizen of the world is going to emigrate from your country if your country is at peace, is prosperous and has opportunities, I am sure of that," reads the "speech" that appears pronouncing Hernandez.

In the cart pulled by the donkey the immigrants express that "We fled from these Honduras because they robbed us what? … Peace, faith, health, education, forests and what else to count on. Honduras without corruption ".

"We always want things to change, that the life of us Hondurans be better, here it is difficult to grab money, people do not adjust the money they earn, that's why it migrates", emphasized Lagos, cousin of Luis Lagos, the owner of the workshop.

Gustavo, 30, said that, precisely because of the difficult economic situation, he remains "single."

He added that in general the puppets that are burned each year represent public figures in power and that always in the workshop seek not to hurt susceptibilities, but that if politicians do not want to make them critical figures, they should do "good things in favor" of the Honduran people ".

The puppets, known as "Año viejo", are part of a Honduran tradition and are made in almost every city in the country to bid farewell to the year that ends.

The figures are filled with rockets and mortars that are set on fire at 00.00 local time (12:00 GMT).

Hondurans close 2018 with much Christmas enthusiasm, although hit by a difficult economic situation in the country and divided by the alleged fraud that, according to one sector of the opposition, there was in the general elections of 2017 in which Juan Orlando Hernandez was re-elected president.


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