Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Donald Trump enters the NBA-China war

The NBA crisis with China has also reached the White House where the president, Donald Trump, in his first public comments on the matter, strongly criticized coaches Gregg Popovich, of the San Antonio Spurs, and Steve Kerr, of the Golden State Warriors, for the position they had taken on the matter. Trump said it was something that the NBA itself would have to solve because it is an issue that affects its organization, but at the same time strongly criticized Popovich and Kerr when considering them "complacent" with China.

Kerr, who has publicly criticized Trump and has expressed his opinion on several social issues in the United States, said he had no comments when asked about the consequences of the tweet from Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, who Last week he showed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Trump shattered Kerr days later, saying that the three-time championship winner coach "was like a little boy, he was so scared that he was not even able to answer the question." «He couldn't answer the question, he was shaking""Oh, oh, oh, I don't know. I don't know "" ».

The Republican president immediately recalled how "easy" criticism both Kerr and Popovich have when it comes to speaking ill of the United States. "I didn't know how to answer the question and yet he will speak very badly about the United States," Trump denounced.

Popovich also avoided directly discussing the specific issue regarding protests in Hong Kong, although he praised the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, for his position of support for freedom of expression. "I saw Popovich, more or less the same, but he didn't really seem so scared," Trump said. “But they speak badly about the United States, but when they talk about China, they don't mean anything bad. I thought it was quite sad, really. It will be very interesting, ”said the president.

The star of the Warriors, the base Stephen Curry, said that "in this matter of the relationship and the business that has been established with China is a very interesting situation and with a history to be known." In this regard, Curry added that "I don't know that story well enough to talk about it or to form an opinion yet, so I think it's best to keep in tune with what happens."

Many NBA coaches have remained silent about the current situation with China, including Mike D'Antoni of the Rockets himself, who refused to answer questions about the matter after the game the team played in Tokyo. Nor did Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, another critic of President Trump, who declined to elaborate on the crisis the NBA faces in China. Kerr is not expected to turn to the media until next morning's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, unless the Warriors make an exception. Curry said he was not sure how this situation would affect his future plans, as he traveled to China for the past six years. But his best advice to Kerr would be to keep his principles and continue his work as usual. "At this time, I don't know how the coach, or another person who is involved in the matter, will react, but it is best to continue doing normal things, as always," said Curry.

Silver, speaking in Japan on Tuesday, said he and the league "apologize" for the result and the reaction that followed Morey's tweet, but noted that "we are not apologizing for the fact that Daryl exercises his freedom of expression ». Meanwhile, an NBA Cares event in Shanghai, which involved Los Angeles Lakers, was canceled on Wednesday, just a few hours before its scheduled start time and Chinese television has already reported that it canceled the broadcast of the two preseason games that They are going to play in their territory. In addition, all official Chinese NBA partners have suspended ties with the league as a result of Morey's controversial tweet about supporting Hong Kong protesters.

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