Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, a reconciliation announced

The image of Don Juan Carlos and Sofía together in Sanxenxo, where the previous monarch participates this weekend in a regatta in Galician waters, is another sign that the cordiality and good harmony between the previous Kings is an irrefutable fact. In front of some chroniclers of the heart who denied until recently that the relationship between Don Juan Carlos and Sofía had resumed the path of normalcy, the presence of the kings emeritus in the Galician town has made it clear that the parents of Felipe VI share acts not only public but also private quite frequently; something that some journalists dedicated to cover the information of the Royal House we have maintained for a year and a half approximately.

Doña Sofía wanted to live in the front row this weekend the sailing competition named after Almirante Rodríguez Toubes, whose departure she saw yesterday aboard the Spanish navy school ship Juan Sebastián Elcano, dressed in a very sailor suit in shades white and navy blue. The ship has joined the commemorative events of the V Centennial of the First World Tour of Magallanes and will be next Tuesday in Marin, where the King will deliver the dispatches to the new sailors. But the surprise occurred the night before, when Doña Sofía appeared with Don Juan Carlos and Elena Elena at the Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo, to attend the dinner offered to the people in charge of the flagship and to the participants in the sailing test. . Dressed informally, with a wide blouse and black pants set with large white and yellow daisies, Sofia expressed her intention to follow the progress of the Almirante Rodríguez Toubes Trophy from the sea, something she used to do often in Palma de Mallorca when she participated in board of the "Hispania", a maxi of the Navy, in the Copa del Rey de Vela.

It is the first time that Sofía has come to the Galician coast animated by Don Juan Carlos, to visit the place where the retired monarch usually participates every summer in the regattas that cross the coastline along with the regatta Pedro Campos and other amateur companions. sailing. He does it in a vintage sailboat, a new «Bribón», totally restored and conditioned to his current physical conditions. Elena had accompanied her father before Sanxenxo, considered the tourist capital of Galician sailing, and she has even participated in the nautical test aboard one of the sailboats steered by women. Yesterday, it was not ruled out that Reina Sofía could embark on one of the sailing boats competing in the race to live the competition more intensely.

The sea, or the sea, as the men and women who develop their lives in the marine environment always call it, has been the sport that has most united the Spanish royal family. All have shared their love of water sports and have intervened in their great tests. The Olympic Games, in which Don Juan Carlos and Sofía have participated as substitute, as well as two of their children, the Infanta and Don Felipe when he was still Prince of Asturias, was a bond of union for years. And it is again now, when the waters recover their calm, after overcoming dangerous storms.

Father-Daughter Rivalry

King Juan Carlos and Elena Elena have always boasted of having an excellent relationship that yesterday became a tough confrontation, and that father and daughter competed in the race held in Sanxenxo to mark the anniversary of the first round the world . The winning boat turned out to be "Erica", patronized by Infanta Elena, who dominated the first day of the Almirante Rodríguez Toubes Trophy in the Classic category. King Juan Carlos was in third place with his «Bribón 500».

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