April 19, 2021

'Don Carlo' starts the 52nd Opera Season with the debut of tenor Sergio Escobar – La Provincia

'Don Carlo' starts the 52nd Opera Season with the debut of tenor Sergio Escobar - La Provincia

The 52nd Season of Opera of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will give opportunity to Sergio Escobar to debut in Spain soon with the Don Carlo of Verdi, a "fetish role" he wanted to do in his country, confesses the tenor.

An artist who wished to have the opportunity to interpret the protagonist of that emblematic title of the lyric before his compatriots, after having triumphed with him in historical theaters in Italy, where he started in that role, as well as in Germany, Japan and other latitudes.

Faced now with the challenge of showing his version of Don Carlo to the Spanish public, to present in a press conference three functions of that piece that will offer on 19, 21 and 23 February the Opera Season of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria-Alfredo Kraus, Escobar has not hidden this Thursday his emotions found.

Since the desire to see fulfilled a dream is combined in this project with the nervousness of being subjected to the judgment of the viewers "from home", and even more so by the circumstance that this debut is going to take place on the island capital, cradle of Kraus. Since it is a place where you can see "the hobby" and the lyrical "school" that exist, the singer assured, who has underlined his opinion that this must be a product, "surely", of the influence of the disappeared person " master "canario.

Sergio Escobar He stressed that all these factors will be added to the effort that, in itself, entails embodying a role that, in the technical aspect, "vocally is, if not the most difficult of Verdi, one of the two most difficult, with Radamés" of his "Aida".

Although it has been confident in the success of this production of Don Carlo, in which the association Amigos Canarios de la Ópera, promoter of the festival also has an "exceptional" cast, made up entirely of "first-rate singers", according to its artistic director, Ulises Jaén.

Who has alluded, as proof of his words, to the participation in the show, among others, of the soprano Rebeka Lokar, the mezzo-soprano Varduhi Abrahamyan, the bass Rubén Amoretti and the musical director Sesto Quatrini.

As responsible on this occasion of the orchestra that will play Verdi's score and assemble his music with the voices and performances of his interpreters, Quatrini also expressed the difficulties that his mission entails. Which has compared with "an ascent to Everest", by the variety of sones and the abundance of pieces in which it is necessary to take almost the acute or serious limit included in its creation by the composer, on the one hand, but also by the relevance that the scenic part has in it, on the other.

In this regard, the director has come to express that, in his opinion, "the Don Carlo it is not an opera, it is a musical theater work. "Reason why, unlike what happens with other titles, to represent it" there must be a perfect marriage between music and the scene, "he explained.

Sesto Quatrini praised, despite everything, the luck of having the team of singers that has met for this production, although he clarified that this, in part, facilitates his work, but also, at the same time, forces him to Be more meticulous in your task. Because, "with a cast with such voices, the director has to take a step back, so as not to imprison them" or subtract sonority from their interpretations, he has argued.

With all of them, Amigos Canarios de la Ópera trusts that the Pérez Galdós theater in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will host a Don Carlo that it is "memorable", since the organization is convinced that "it could not have chosen better" the group of artists that it has gathered, in the words of Ulises Jaén.


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