Dominican Republic strengthens border surveillance against riots in Haiti

The Dominican Republic decided to strengthen the border that separates it from Haiti in the face of the violent disturbances that were registered this Friday in that country due to the shortage of fuels and in demand of the resignation of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise.

The information was provided by the General Commander of the Army of the Dominican Republic, Major General Estanislao Gonell Regalado, after traveling along with other high military commanders the Dominican-Haitian border line, which has a length of more than 350 kilometers.

In the Haitian capital there were looting, building fires, including a police station in the depressed neighborhood of Cité Soleil, where agents previously fled before a violent mob erupted.

In addition, thousands of protesters equipped with machetes, stones, sticks and tree branches marched in Port-au-Prince in the direction of Moise's residence.

Asked about it by local journalists, Gonell Regalado said that due to the situation that arises in the neighboring nation, the Dominican Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Rubén Paulino Sem, ordered further reinforcement of the border area.

According to the military commander, since 2018 on the border strip that separates the two countries, 8,500 soldiers have been stationed, to which another 1,500 were recently added.

On the other hand, military authorities informed Efe that they have restricted the entry into Dominican territory of Haitian motorcycle taxi drivers, who congested the fuel stations of the northern border in search of gasoline.

The reports ensured that the provision also aims to prevent fuel smuggling.

Meanwhile, dozens of Haitians were returned to their country on Friday after being arrested by members of the Border Security Specialized Corps (Cesfront) and the Army of the Dominican Republic, after crossing the border clandestinely, Efe said.

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