Domínguez: "It's just that I didn't remember that I had contacted Rayco"

Conrado Domínguez, in May of this year, when CANARIAS7 unveiled the Mascarillas case. / EFE

On at least three occasions explanations were required and on two occasions he maintained that he had never negotiated with the sole administrator of RR7

Francisco Suarez Alamo

"It's just that I didn't remember that I had contacted him." It was the version offered by Conrado Domínguez, already a former director of the Canarian Health Service, when the Government asked him why in the first instance
had denied all direct contact with Rayco Rubén González, sole administrator of RR7.

The truth is that the contact existed, it began in 2020, when the contract was created for which the Health Department paid 4 million euros to RR7 for the purchase of masks and was maintained over time. Also, Conrado Dominguez
facilitated the phone from Ana María Pérez, then director of the Canarian Health Service, to RR7.

She was the one who, according to her statement in court, gave administrative form to the «
orders» that he received from Domínguez, who at that time was a member of the emergency committee created by the Government and who in September 2020 was appointed director of the Canarian Health Service, a position in which he had already been under the presidency of Fernando Clavijo in the Government.

Masks case: CC and PP demand more political responsibilities

Conrado Domínguez had to give explanations to the Government about the case Masks
at least three times. The first was in May of this year, when this newspaper revealed the failed contract. That day information is collected from the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Months later, as the investigation of the complaint progresses after its admission for processing -in July-, another meeting takes place in Tenerife. Some sources maintain that even then the possibility of resigning was raised, but Conrado Domínguez maintained that he could explain everything, that his actions
had been legal and in accordance at all times with the regulations authorized to deal with emergency contracts due to the pandemic. The Executive then maintained, however, that he was not asked to resign.

The third meeting took place
last Wednesday in Gran Canaria, with the presence of Ángel Víctor Torres and Sebastián Franquis. The attendance of the Minister of Public Works is explained by the fact that at all times he has been one of the
great braves of Conrado Domínguez within the Government and the Pact of the Flowers. In fact, Domínguez was the technical secretary general of the Ministry of Public Works when he joined the emergency committee due to the pandemic.

It was at that meeting, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, that Conrado Domínguez, given the evidence of what the owner of RR7 had declared in court and that he had provided messages that dismantled his thesis that there was no direct contact, shielded in that he had forgotten that
there was a telephone relationship with Rayco Rubén González.

This was the fall of Conrado Domínguez

According to the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and the testimonies before the judge, RR7 had no contact with Health until, in the midst of the outbreak of the pandemic, Osvaldo Lastras and Samuel Machín appeared on the scene. The first is a friend of Conrado Domínguez and, in turn, is a friend of Samuel Machín, who is the one who knew Rayco Rubén González. Thus, Osvaldo Lastras puts Samuel Machín in touch with Conrado Domínguez and the latter with Rayco Rubén González, including a
phone call to three who also denied that he was director of the Canary Health Service in his statement.

The initial silence of Rayco Rubén González before the judge served Conrado Domínguez to reinforce his version that they had not negotiated with him. But everything changed when the owner of RR7
went to court last week and decided to testify. At that time, Domínguez was not only left without an 'alibi' but also in evidence before the Government.

On Wednesday night he left the meeting assuming that he barely had
political armorbut even so, he tried it with several calls to political leaders and figures from the business world.

On Thursday he was told that his dismissal was going to go to the Governing Council and then he signed
the resignation lettera dismissal that was unanimously accepted by the Governing Council.