Domingo Villar assures that "if Cervantes lived today he would write a crime novel"

It is strange to imagine Miguel de Cervantes crouched over a laptop, with his notes, notebooks and notebooks spread out on the dining room table, stumbling into the dawn, alone, in silence and giving life to a legendary inspector. For Domingo Villar, this extrapolation is almost natural. The Vigo writer assures that the crime novel is the epic novel of our time, so "Cervantes, if he lived today, would write a crime novel."

Ten years after La playa de los Ahogados, Inspector Leo Caldas reappeared in March 2019 with The Last Boat, the third installment of a calm and introspective saga. A novel that over the weekend has been awarded the City of Santa Cruz Prize for the best crime novel in Spanish of the year.

Villar confesses that he was afraid of being forgotten by the readers. In his opinion, literature should be "a space of resistance", a place for reflection. "" I write crime novels on the outside, but on the inside they are tales of love for my land and a way of seeing peaceful life ", he says. .


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