Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Domestic employees may collect an extraordinary unemployment

The Ministry of Labor is outlining what the new lifeguard will be like to assist thousands of Household employees that they are threatened by the progressive slowdown in activity and the limitations to stop the spread of the pandemic. Specifically, they finalize “a extraordinary unemployment benefit”For domestic workers, integrated into the special Social Security system, who have lost all or part of the job due to the
coronavirus crisis
, as explained by government sources.

In this way, for the first time and even exceptionally, domestic workers will no longer be the only contributors with a Social Security scheme without right to unemployment. A situation denounced for years as discriminatory by the unions and the different organizations that represent domestic employment.

The group, of some 400,000 workers, is recognized as “vulnerable” by the Government

The design of the Ministry of Labor foresees that the beneficiaries must prove that they are not rendering services, totally or partially. The subsidy will also be for those workers whose contract has ended after the declaration of the alarm status, last March 14.

What will be the amount of this subsidy? According to the proposal that the department of Yolanda Díaz is finalizing, the extraordinary aid will consist of 70% of the regulatory base linked to the different tranches of contributions of this special regime. As it is relatively common to take care or clean in several houses, the bases of the different works will be taken into account. The subsidy will have a temporary duration of one month and may be extended until the Administration establishes it.

In addition, government sources indicate that it is a compatible performance with another activity, so that the employees could keep some of their jobs and gradually stop receiving this new benefit.

It is likely that this new subsidy for domestic workers, in which the Ministry of Equality has also participated, will be approved in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday and even that the deadlines will be tightened and will go ahead in that of this same Friday, which has been called with extraordinary character.

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The Household employees –About 400,000 contributors in this special Social Security system, in which practically all of them are women– were specifically identified by the Pedro Sánchez Executive earlier this week as one of the “most vulnerable” groups that have remained until now outside the social protection umbrella that they have approved. For example, the unemployed who have already exhausted all benefits were also included in this perimeter.

After Monday’s meeting with employers and majority unions, the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, highlighted the government’s commitment to continue advancing in the social coverage of those affected by the coronavirus crisis. Just yesterday, the Minister of Finance and spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, insisted that they are willing to continue approving new initiatives that are adapted to the impact on economic activity due to the health emergency.

In the first round, approved a week ago, the measures focused on workers who are undergoing a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) and on supporting the self-employed with a new extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity. This aid for self-employed workers is aimed at those who have closed the business due to restrictive measures approved due to the spread of the pandemic or who can prove that their turnover has fallen by at least 75%.

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