September 27, 2020

Dolores Rosales prevents her eviction in Tenerife – La Provincia

Judge has dismissed the eviction lawsuit against María Dolores Rosales, The neighbor of Santa Cruz, 91, who lives in a historic house on Candelaria street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This was announced on Tuesday, November 14, as well as that the judicial authority has determined that this neighbor will not have to pay the amounts that the Satyani Investment Company claims.

Rosales resides in Candelaria street since he was eight years old, but on November 11 he almost had to leave what has always been his home following the demand made by Satyani de Inversiones.

The rent paid by Dolores was for decades of old income. But the house was acquired by a Tenerife investor group that not only asked him to update the rent, but also urged him to pay about 11,000 euros for the Garbage, IBI (Real Estate Tax) and income tax. which was not included in any contract due to its seniority.

The current owners of the house then reported that Dolores I had not paid the rent for 20 years nor when the rent and the expenses corresponding to the house were updated. They also indicated that currently the state in which the house is located poses a risk to the tenant.

On December 17, the trial for the eviction of women took place. She had never entered a court and did not stop crying. Today Dolores can breathe again calmly and continue inhabiting the property with tranquility.


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