Dolores Delgado presents her candidacy for prosecutor of the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court

Former State Attorney General Dolores Delgado has presented her candidacy for prosecutor of the Sala Togada of the Supreme Court, the military chamber. Delgado is one of the twenty candidates for the position and she opts for it after having left the position of state attorney general last July for health reasons.

In the event that Delgado was selected in the Fiscal Council to be held on September 22, the prosecutor will not return to her position in the National Court, where she became coordinator of terrorism cases. Some of the candidacies that will compete with Delgado, such as Carlos Bautista or Carlos García Berro, come from that Prosecutor's Office of the National Court.

The Attorney General's Office has also made public the list of candidates for other key positions in the Public Ministry. Among them, the head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, to which its last occupant and now in an interim situation, Alejandro Luzón, and the lieutenant prosecutor, Belén Suárez, his number two. Suárez, a conservative like Luzón, has also run for prosecutor of the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Two applicants are presented to lieutenant prosecutor of the National Court, Miguel Ángel Carballo and Marta Durantez Gil. Carballo is the current prosecutor lieutenant, number two of the Specialized Court Prosecutor's Office, and is up for re-election. This is a conservative candidate against the progressive Marta Duringz, who left the Pontevedra Labor Accident Prosecutor's Office to join the General Technical Secretariat that the current attorney general, Álvaro García Ortiz, directed during the mandate of Dolores Delgado.

The Fiscal Council is a consultative and non-binding body for the attorney general, who will have the last word on appointments. Currently, the Fiscal Council is divided between six members of the conservative Association of Prosecutors, two from the progressive Progressive Union of Prosecutors (to which García Ortiz belongs) and one from the Independent Professional Association of Prosecutors (Apif).

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