March 9, 2021

Dogs can go for a walk in the Alarm State

Sánchez remembers that pets are an exception just like going shopping, taking money, going to work or to the pharmacy

Pet owners can take their dogs for a walk. This was stated by Pedro Sánchez in his appearance after the Council of Ministers to account for the measures contemplated by the State of Alarm approved in Spain. Lowering pets into the street is within the mobility exceptions allowed in the Royal Decree Law, along with going to buy food, to the pharmacy, to work, to an ATM to withdraw money, to hospitals or to take care of people with disabilities.

The Autonomous Community of residence does not matter, the measures are for the entire Spanish territory without autonomous differences. The walk of the dogs is authorized, Sánchez named him on several occasions, which reassured the pet owners, among whom there was concern.

The Royal Decree restricts travel on all roads in the country, both in its own vehicle, on foot or by public transport. Hours before Sánchez’s appearance, from the association of clinical veterinarians, AEVET, and the Veterinary College of Madrid, gave six very specific guidelines: first, take the dogs on a leash at all times, in addition to minimizing the time spent on public roads to what is strictly essential. Once we go out with them on public roads, we must “keep a safe distance from the owners of other dogs.”

It is best to take the short solo walks, in no case go to a dog park where there are several, as well as avoiding groups of people.

They also ask the owners for solidarity not accumulating medicines or food, and remember that veterinary centers will be available to care for pets that require it, always by appointment.

If we are infected, the ideal would be to leave the animal in the care of a person not affected by Covid-19. And if we are not, we must try to walk them as little as possible, better times of games and races will come. In addition, from the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) they have asked do not put masks on animals as a protection measure since they are useless.


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