April 11, 2021

dogs appear in the name of protectors who don't even know them

Another common aspect in all complaints is that everything was paid in black

In some even cats, when they don't work with felines or other animals

A good number of protectors have filed a complaint in the Court of Instruction Number 6 of the Region of Murcia for the case of chip fraud, after the Seprona told them that there were numerous dogs in his name that they didn't even know.

According to the procedure, it seems that veterinarian Ana María Martinez Ferra, after receiving a notice from the College of Veterinarians of Murcia to get rid of the microchips that had been charged to different owners registered "in a hurry" many of them to names of different protectors of whom he knew his data.

Fina Córdoba of "For an ideal world", an animal organization that today serves 175 abandoned dogs that are looking for a home, one day was met with the visit of the Seprona that he demanded the documentation of about thirty dogs that had been put in his name by the veterinarian under investigation.

“One day the Seprona appeared in the shelter and I get a lot of dogs that were not mine, among other things because we only put the chip in the name of the adopter when they are adopted, and a lot of dogs appear I knew even cats when we don't have cats in our facilities, ”Fina Córdoba clarifies to LA RAZÓN.

Among the dogs registered in the name of this protector there are situations of the most varied. “None of those dogs they said had passed through here, even from one who had died three years ago whose name was Carlitos had his microchip another dog on”, Tells the newspaper the person in charge of“ For an animal world ”.

Another common aspect in all the complaints in the procedure that is being followed against the Murcia veterinarian who allegedly put the dogs on chips but did not register them anywhere, is that everything was paid in black. “This veterinarian worked in a clinic in Molina where we were going, and she charged me in black because she said that better that the owners of the clinic did not know ”, nuances Cordoba. Those responsible for different protectors located in the Region of Murcia have had to testify, first before the Seprona and then before the Court of Instruction to account for the animals put in their name.

“I declared for about four hours in the Seprona, they checked everything and saw that there were no animals, I don't know where all those dogs are in my name”, They clarify from“ For an ideal world ”.


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