March 5, 2021

dog rental to skip the “confinement of the balls”

Not a day has passed since the state of alarm has entered into force and Internet advertisements are proliferating offering all kinds of dogs to anyone who wants to walk them so they can go outside and “skip the confinement of the balls,” indicates one of these ads on a second-hand online page. From 5 euros an hour and up to about 25 you can find “docile” dogs “to go out for your daily walk without limitations”.

Once again, the picaresque, and especially the Spanish, has shown presence. It does not matter that dogs are another member of the family, or that we are very concerned about them. Some owners from different points of the Spanish geography have seen in the confinement situation an opportunity to get a few euros.

In Huarte, Pamplona, ​​”dog for quarantine” is rented for the “modest price of 25 euros.” In this announcement Javier does not hesitate to offer large, small or medium dogs if “You want to leave home and not be fined for not quarantining”.

In the Murcian town of Alcantarilla they are “cheaper”. Here for only five euros offers your dog Rambo “that does not give problems” to have an excuse to go down the street, they are also willing to send it to your home.

In Zaragoza, an owner who is very “concerned” about his pets, Federico, is so kind that he even offers bags without collecting prices to collect the stools of some of his two dogs, “Very good, for 10 euros an hour”.

In Valencia, the owner is even willing to let his dog go racing with the lessor “Podenco is rented to walk or run during the quarantine and avoid being fined”, reads the ad, which puts a price of 20 euros.

A photo of a boxer crossbreed dog is the protagonist of an advertisement of this type in Alhendín, Granada. For twelve euros an hour its owner, Pepa, is willing to rent it because it is “The only option to go outside”.

The islands have also received a fashion to rent dogs in confinement. Homer, an animal that seems calm and somewhat sad in the photo, is available to anyone who pays ten euros “to go through the balls of confinement by the coronavirus.” Poor Homer, in addition, does not come out very good standing in the definition made by the owner: “Noble and educated animal, it is not very intelligent but it frees you from the fine for being on the street without just cause”.

Lowering pets into the street is within the mobility exceptions allowed in the Royal Decree Law of the state of alarm, along with going to buy food, to the pharmacy, to work, to an ATM to withdraw money, to hospitals or to take care of people with disabilities.


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