Dog carcasses accumulate at vets as cremations are paralyzed

Veterinary clinics are accumulating in freezer chests the bodies of pets that die these days because the animal crematorium companies are of minimal services and have spaced the collection of the carcasses over time. Veterinarians are required to receive animals. The problem arises when the owners of the dog choose an individual cremation to later store their ashes, since then They must be removed by an authorized company. At this time, many crematoria are still unclear how to act and either collect the bodies much more frequently or do not even go for them.

In different municipalities, such as Madrid, which is through 010, there is the animal removal service free of charge, but then the incineration is collective and there is no ash delivery. In Spain where there are more than twenty million pets, that is to say, in four out of ten families live with one, and it is estimated that several hundreds die each month, 80 percent of owners choose to request the services of crematoriums for later keep the urn with the ashes of the dog at home, or even make a jewel out of the ashes or part of the hair.

According to Benito Pérez, president of the Spanish Association of Clinical Veterinarians (Aevet), veterinarians continue to provide the same collection and individual or collective cremation service. Like the municipalities that offer this service, but the problem arises in the crematoria.

For example, in the Region of Murcia, where until now the company Cremamur collected the animals and within a week at most it had the ashes ready to deliver to the owners, now, according to what LA RAZÓN has learned, The collection has been paralyzed since last Friday, the day of declaration of the state of alarm and has informed the clinics that they will pick them up when they have a considerable number, since they only perform minimal services.

The Veterinary Colleges, within the norms and recommendations that they have sent to their associates, they indicate that, in the event of the death of a dog, the usual protocols must be followed: They must receive the animal in the clinic and store it in a freezer chest. “The usual protocols are that the deceased dog arrives to you or you sacrifice it if it is already very sick. If the owners want the recovery of their ashes, it is charged by weight and we put it in the freezer waiting for the crematorium to come”, Indicates a veterinarian to THE REASON.

This wait is what it is creating concern among animal professionals. "For example, the company has told us that it will not happen as soon as we call it, as it did until now, but that they are waiting for the bunkers to be full of animals, something worrying by which you can join between cats and dogs ”, indicate from an Extremadura clinic.

"The best thing is to call the municipal services, where they exist, and everything is fast, but of course, in those cases the owners cannot later have ashes or anything. U.S We can't recommend this because most owners want to keep a keepsake of their dog forever. as are the ashes ”, qualifies a vet from Galicia to this newspaper.


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