Does something of homeopathy work? | Science

Does something of homeopathy work? | Science

Homeopathy is a pseudotherapy that you can even recommend in public hospitals and pharmacies, which arouses confusion about whether it has any scientific basis. Do not. It is not a proven treatment. There are people who have abandoned medical treatments to put themselves in the hands of homeopaths and for that reason he has died.

Is there anything that works for homeopathy? In its 200-year history, it has not been shown to have an effect beyond placebo to treat any ailment, but the practice has survived to the present, for good reasons that hide a lesson for modern medicine.

In this chapter of Darwin, I need you, the scientific series of Matter Y THE VIDEO COUNTRY that separates myths from reality, explains the history and principles of homeopathy to clarify if there is anything that works for this pseudotherapy and what can be learned from it.


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