August 3, 2020

Does Hollywood really think Antonio Banderas is black?

Antonio Banderas was never so close to an involuntary appropriation of melanin as in the last hours. If a few months ago the victory of Rosalia in the MTV raised a controversial wave by the alleged absence of Latin pedigree – a condition apparently sine qua non to win the award – now it is the Malaga actor who acquires prominence for just the opposite. If one sin of lack of color, another suffers from excess. “Only two actors of color were nominated in the main categories of interpretation, while women were absent in a better direction,” wrote one of the most consulted media in Hollywood, “Deadline,” in line with recent Oscar nominations. It seems that Americans have difficulty locating Spaniards. For them, they are just Hispanics and everyone lives from Ciudad Juarez down. This encompassing everything they do not know in the same bag is very typical of colonial powers, of people accustomed to looking at the navel and observing with little attention what they have next to them.

Now it turns out that Antonio Banderas, who is not exactly a stranger, not even in the USA, has changed his skin tone and has included him among the few interpreters nominated “of color” for the next Oscar Awards. For this rock, everything that is not the nuclear target of the characteristic «Wasp» (White, anglo-saxon and Protestant) and the redneck on duty, you know, those guys who admire Trump, are friends of the Rifle Association and that They grow in the Texan countryside, they are black. Here they have named him next to the actress Cynthia Erivo, of African origin. It is seen that they confuse the brunette left by the Mediterranean beaches with their fears or their own ignorance. Come on, instead of looking with their eyes, they do it with prejudice, which is, in broad strokes, very dangerous. There is also the possibility that they had no idea who our actor or Pedro Almodóvar is and did not even remotely know where these boys came from. And, the truth, well thought out, is almost worse, because it would denote a supine ignorance – one thing is that one likes their culture very much and another to pass completely from others.

In social networks it has not taken long to ride a care piglet, for a change, and then, a few outraged people have come out to the forefront to underline the error and amend the plan to the clueless who have confused a Spaniard with an African-American, That is said quickly and quickly. The publication that made this slip did not take long to make a correction and underline that “Antonio Banderas is from Spain, white and European.” It is good that they point out “Spain” and “European”, it is not going to be that someone else believes that our country belongs to Oceania or the Middle East. North America, that has always sold the monserga that they are an integrating nation, that its success is the result of a melting pot of cultures and races, it has been quite confusing around races, which is an idea as old fashioned, at least, and they are always with bagpipes if one is Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, African American, Japanese or Antarctic. With how simple it is to see others as what they are. Only people.


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