Does 'Euphoria' glorify drug use?

Does 'Euphoria' glorify drug use?

It has been expected, with a pandemic in the middle between one season and another, but the second season of euphoria it's over. And overflowing all the forecasts of HBO. The expectation generated has once again reopened the debate on the vision given by the series on the drugs and there are even certain sectors that accuse her of glorify their consumption. Frankly, at this point, whoever supports it is that he has not heard of what he was seeing. Just look at the evolution of Rue's character (Zendaya) throughout this season, with his relapse into substance use and the moment he hits rock bottom to realize it. The fifth episode smells like Emmy for the young actress, with an increasingly tight schedule between franchise and franchise ('Dune''spider-man'), and it is the most forceful answer for all those who doubted what the message of the series was.

The protagonists of 'Euphoria' seem to be in a permanent party, but none of them seem to ever have fun. The trip to his experiences and his emotional roller coaster They become a dish that is not suitable for all tastes. His intensity can reach saturation. The drug and sex scenes are explicit, yes, but there are those who stay in the form and do not see the bottom. We had been told that 'Euphoria' would only have two seasons, with no signs of continuity. This announcement released a couple of years after the end of the first installment, made me fear that Rue's story would not have a happy ending. As the episodes progressed towards what could be a heartbreaking conclusion, when we saw that there was still a lot of material to be cut, we were surprised with the announcement that there would be a third installment.

The end was not only not as tragic as we had been led to believe, but leave the door open to hope. At least for Rue's rehabilitation. But another big question remains, what happens to that briefcase full of drugs that has ended up at the bottom of a toilet bowl? Is her owner going to settle for "Rue is off drugs" in response? For now, Rue seems to have taken the first step toward her redemption. With other characters the same could not be said, but I think that the series has not yet said the last word about them.

Not everything in 'Euphoria' revolves around Zendaya. The subplots featuring secondary characters are almost as interesting as Rue's. And some have known us little. At this point, we don't know if the new episodes will help the entire cast reach their full potential. By the way, don't you get the feeling that Jules (hunter schafer) has lost weight in this new season? The relevance of her character seems to have been superseded by that of sisters Cassey and Lexi Howard (sydney sweeney and Maude Apatow). The scene of Cassey hiding in the bathroom is another of the great moments of this second season; while Lexi has risen to the top with that staging of the lives of all her friends in the high school play in which she bare her soul.

The creator of the series, Sam Levinson, already had his problems with drugs during his adolescence. He was one of those kids who became stars and ended up learning about the dark side of substance addiction. Much of his work behind the camera has focused precisely on telling us about his life experience with drugs. Was it a coincidence that on another platform, a little before the second season of 'Euphoria', his father premiered another series about addictions? the filmmaker Barry Levinson is one of those responsible for dopesick (available in Spain in star disney). Based on a real case, it tells the story of a pharmaceutical company that marketed a drug that made thousands of Americans addicted, with the promise that it did not cause addiction. I always thought we'd see this plot in some episode of 'The Good Fight', with Michael J Fox defending the perfidious pharmaceutical corporation, but the truth is that the story had enough weight to have its own series to explain what happened. Has Barry Levinson also been inspired by the story he lived with his own son?

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