Doctors who serve COVID-19 in Mexico receive gifts for Mother's Day

A group of citizens and entrepreneurs gave more than 200 gifts to mothers who work in hospitals that care for patients with COVID-19 in the Mexican city of Guadalajara on the occasion of Mother's Day, which is celebrated this Sunday in the country.

Karla Hernández, representative of the La Mirilla group, told Efe that they wanted to thank the women in charge of the administration, doctors and nurses who have left their families to care for patients infected with the disease, which totals 333,460 confirmed cases and 3,353 deaths in the country.

"It is easy to complain about the confinement and the conditions that a contingency of this type entails, however, when we stop to see that there are mothers who are giving everything for the social good, who leave their families to be at the foot of the canyon, that they leave one part of their hearts at home and the other to fight, we realize that they deserve all the recognition, "he said.

The initiative arose with the intention of recognizing the work done by those who work in the health sector. Initially, a group of entrepreneurs answered the call, but help quickly came from people from all walks of life.

Thus they managed to gather 206 gifts designed for mothers, from personal hygiene items, desserts, jewelry, clothing, glasses, art, makeup to plants.

"We managed to gather everything and with a lot of heart," said Hernández.

For nurse Brenda Casillas Puga, this May 10 will be very different from the one she has lived in other years. Since Mexico declared a health emergency, it has been partially separated from its family to protect them from any contagion.

"I had to take the initiative to isolate myself, before I lived with my family, but since I wanted to be part of the volunteer team in the COVID-19 area, I had to go live alone, my son took him with me, but I had to isolate myself because my mother has diabetes and I don't want to put it at risk, "he explained.

She confessed that although she is close to her son, she cannot hug or kiss him to avoid possible contagion, a situation that she has had to carry out "for the good of all."

The nurse is one of those who received the gifts from the La Mirilla collective, which, she said, means recognition of the work they do.

Something that is opposed to the attacks that dozens of members of the health sector have received since the start of the pandemic by citizens who believe they are a focus of contagion.

The doctor Cinthia Orozco Lara, supervisor of critical areas and Covid of the Civil Hospital, assured that it is a challenge to be in this area during the contingency and that it is difficult to share time with her children and her husband, also a doctor.

Although her children have asked her to end the isolation and that they can celebrate this May 10 at home, she knows that it is time to make efforts and help others.

"I have three daughters, they celebrate me from there, from home because I have to come to work, I have a dedication, a vocation here, I really like being in the hospital if they ask for my support, my support is there," he explained.

The Government of Mexico prohibited non-essential economic activities during April and May, although it did not specify sanctions for companies that fail to comply with it, and urged the population to stay home during this time, although quarantine is not mandatory so as not to affect the millions of people who live from informal commerce.

Authorities have asked citizens not to visit their mothers or grandmothers this Sunday in order to maintain confinement and not put their health at risk.


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