Doctors treat Zaplana to prevent deterioration is "irreversible"

Doctors treat Zaplana to prevent deterioration is "irreversible"

The ex-minister and expresident of the Generalitat Eduardo Zaplana is being treated at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia so that the deterioration that he suffers, as a result of leukemia, is not "irreversible", according to EFE sources who have explained his defense.

Zaplana has spent six months in unconditional prison and without bail in the Picassent prison as investigated for his alleged involvement in bribery, money laundering, embezzlement and malfeasance in the context of the Erial case, which remains under the secrecy of the investigation by the Court of Instruction number 8 of Valencia.

"The treatment that you are receiving – since last Tuesday – is not routine at all, it has never been done before," the same sources explained.

Every fifteen days, the former president of the Valencian PP and former director of Telef├│nica usually comes from the aforementioned prison to La Fe to undergo various medical tests and receive treatment for the leukemia he has suffered since 2015, when he underwent a bone marrow transplant.

However, recently it has experienced a physical deterioration that has "alarmed" both the doctors of Picassent and those of La Fe, who have issued two reports "quite coincident", said the same sources, and that has led to their hospital admission. .

It is a worsening caused by the disease known as "graft versus host" (GVHD), a complication that can occur when a transplanted immune system attacks the organs and tissues of the patient who receives it (the host).

Since entering La Fe, last Tuesday, Zaplana has undergone several tests, including a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy, while "does not stop losing weight and has deteriorated skin and joints," detail those responsible for their assistance legal, to meet him have to wear "gloves, robe and mask."

Therefore, they understand that "continuing to maintain, as the judge does, that there is a risk of escape is an insult to intelligence, because it can not go anywhere or can do without the care that is given in La Fe."

"We understood that by advancing rogatory commissions left to other countries there was no point in keeping him in prison, but we have no hope that his situation will change in the short term," the same sources told EFE.

They allude to the recent trip that the instructor of the case and one of the anti-corruption prosecutors of Valencia could have made to Uruguay to participate in records related to this case.

In this sense, the defense of Zaplana regrets having known of these inquiries by means of communication (both Spanish and Uruguayan) and not having had proof of the judicial proceedings.

Following a tweet from the Popular Party, this Thursday the social networks followed requests for "humanity" – from political leaders of different signatures – for the expresident to be treated for his illness in a hospital and not in prison.


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