Doctors say that the masks are useless at this time

Doctors have published on Wednesday a series of considerations about the coronavirus pointing out that it is an eradicable disease, while they have specified that the masks are of no use outdoors or in places without local transmission, such as, for example, Spain in this moment.

In its Considerations to the general population before the evolution of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO) has asked not to hoard masks or make compulsive purchases, since "they only contribute to generate alarm and cause shortages".

Personal protective equipment, according to the current protocol, should only be used by healthcare professionals during their work, they have added.

Doctors have also recalled that we are talking about a "new, emerging, potentially pandemic" disease, but that it is still eradicable at this time.

Its lethality rate can be around 2% of patients with disease, but it is much lower if we add asymptomatic cases.

The main thing is the early diagnosis, according to the epidemiological and clinical criteria agreed in the Interterritorial Council, with the isolation of the patients and the quarantine of the contacts.

These measures, according to doctors, are essential because "we can still control the disease and eradicate it from the planet."

"Your doctor is your best ally and advisor if you have any doubt or health problem, now and always, do not unnecessarily saturate hospital emergencies," they stressed.

In addition, doctors have urged citizens to be informed, avoiding false news and making "a life as normal as possible in every way."


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