February 27, 2021

Doctors for Change complain about slander by refusing to rectify the College – La Provincia

"Better a bad arrangement than a good lawsuit", advises the proverb, without any success in the College of Physicians of Las Palmas. The board of directors of the professional corporation will face a criminal process for the crime of slander from September after the act of conciliation prior to the filing of the complaint by Doctors for Change, opposition candidate excluded from the last electoral process .

To rcontentious-administrative course presented in May 2018 from the list led by Luis Miguel Pérez because of the frustrated school elections, therefore, a second cause in the City of Justice will be added after the summer holidays against the board led by Pedro Cabrera, president of the university for the fourth consecutive term. Not surprisingly, the conciliation held at the beginning of the week in the Court of First Instance Number 9 of the capital of Gran Canaria was resolved with disagreement between the parties, as reported by Doctors for Change and avoided commenting from the College of Las Palmas.

At least, the legal representation of the College of Physicians was presented at the body headed by magistrate-judge Juan Luis Egea, after refusing twice the receipt of the judicial call at the institutional headquarters when arguing that it does not appear as a professional address of no manager the registered office of the provincial entity (Calle León y Castillo 44). After delay the process almost two months by rejecting the notification until the third attemptIn addition, the collegiate advisors requested that the future complaint not be directed against all the medical members of the board of directors but against the institution itself, although consulted sources considered a legal person to be the crime of slander.

And of course, the College of Las Palmas refused to rectify the dissemination with institutional resources of the alleged commission of a crime of documentary falsity, when imputing a fraud in the signatures, as a formal cause of the electoral elimination of Doctors for Change. Since May 14, 2018 it appears on the web medicoslaspalmas.es, in fact, a "statement from the College before the calligraphic expert report that proves the falsification and photocomposition of documents presented in the electoral proposal of Luis Miguel Pérez", also sent by mobile phone through an institutional instant messaging service (WhatsApp ).

Therefore, the complainants claim to the directors the express admission of the falsification of the imputation, that is, the authenticity of the rubrics and, therefore, the elimination of the statement of medicoslaspalmas.es together with the dissemination of the recognition under identical conditions ( web and WhatsApp) to replenish your honorability. Likewise, the demand of Doctors for Change against the College of Las Palmas requests a compensation of 30,000 euros to each of the 18 excluded candidates and personified by moral damage and loss of prestige, both personal and professional, to a total of 540,000 euros.

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