April 14, 2021

Doctors ask the law of snuff for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers

Doctors ask the law of snuff for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers

Doctors are asking that the law of tobacco be applied to electronic cigarettes and other vaporizers, since they believe that they can encourage the consumption of nicotine in adults and young non-smokers, and the dependence on the people who consume them while the traditional tobacco

The General Assembly of the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO) has urged that the same tobacco regulations apply to these electronic nicotine delivery systems at its last meeting in which it approved a report in the wake of the Philip Morris advertising campaign International for the promotion and sale of its new IQOS device for tobacco consumption.

In the report, the WTO maintains that the use of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems (SEAN) for smoking cessation "has not been proven".

"There is no evidence to rule out electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery devices such as vaporizers such as the JUUL system and the IQOS system, the same toxic qualities of smoking tobacco burned in conventional cigarettes or nicotine addictives," according to doctors. .

In addition, the WTO considers that the use of nicotine in the electronic cigarette exposes non-smokers to negative health effects, which would otherwise not be exposed, and may increase the total exposure to nicotine among smokers.

Therefore, the collegiate organization recommends doctors to warn young people of high risk of drug addiction to nicotine, regardless of the device used for inhalation.

It also advises them to influence the negative effects of nicotine in its different forms of administration, especially taking into account that from 2030 it is expected that tobacco is the cause of more than eight million deaths per year.

For this reason, doctors also demand from manufacturers that the labeling includes a detailed list of components, the products released to the environment and also warnings about the toxicity of the product.


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