Doctor Vela resorts the sentence that acquits him for the stolen babies | Society

Doctor Vela resorts the sentence that acquits him for the stolen babies | Society

The doctor Eduardo Vela, of 85 years, has appealed to the Supreme Court the sentence that considers responsible "incontestably" to steal a newborn in 1969 but that at the same time absolves him for having prescribed the crimes, "for containing pronouncements that are harmful to him". In the brief, the defense of the retired doctor recalls that although the resolution of the Provincial Court of Madrid is acquittal, the court has found him guilty of the theft of Inés Madrigal as it appears in the account of the proven facts.

The doctor advances the filing of an appeal for cassation before the Sala II of the Supreme Court against the proven facts and the grounds of law that declares him guilty of the crimes of illegal detention, presumption of childbirth committed by a doctor and falsehood in an official document.

Vela's appeal is added to that of Inés Madrigal, the victim who sat Vela on the bench, and the Prosecutor's Office, something that the accusations did not expect while the doctor was acquitted; although they frame their appeal in the need to cleanse their name and honor of the responsibility attributed to them by the proven facts in the theft of the newborn, according to legal sources. In the appeal, dated October 19, it is estimated that "Vela's right to presumption of innocence is violated." The doctor even alleged "health problems" to avoid being notified of the sentence.

Last October 8, the magistrates of the Provincial Court of Madrid they considered Vela the author of the three crimes when in 1969 he gave the marriage formed by Inés Pérez and Pablo Madrigal to "a girl of a few days of age outside the legal channels, simulating the existence of a birth that had not occurred and establishing a false relationship."


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