'Doctor in Alaska' is still alive on TV ... and in Soria | TV

23 years after its end, Doctor in Alaska still alive. The series in which the actor Rob Morrow played a doctor for a remote town in Alaska with a handful of eccentric neighbors could return to television. The CBS network works on a new installment of the series that remained on the air for six seasons between 1990 and 1995 and that he won seven Emmys, among them the award for best drama in 1992.

To see the light, the new delivery would have Rob Morrow like Dr. Joel Fleischman, who returns years later to Cicely, the town where the action took place, to attend the funeral of an old friend. There you will meet a new group of peculiar inhabitants, in addition to some former residents. In addition to the return of the leading actor, who will also act as producer of the series, the new chapters would have their co-creators, John Falsey and Josh Brand, as producers, and the latter would take over the scripts, according to inform Variety. In addition, John Corbett, who played Chris Stevens in fiction, will also be a producer, although he will not participate as an actor.

The shadow of Doctor in Alaska It is elongated, something that can not only be verified with this possible resurrection. This Saturday, November 24, 28 fans of the series will meet in Reznos, a small town of Soria - it only has 30 registered people -, to remember and chat about this iconic fiction. Although they received 60 requests to participate, the reduced capacity of the place where the meeting will take place has limited the capacity to 28 people.

As account Nuria Rita Sebastián, one of the organizers of the meeting, to EL PAÍS, attendees will discuss different aspects that interest them of the series and choose their favorite moments. Among the topics that will be discussed is the sociolinguistic perspective of the series, which will be addressed by the translator Noemí Risco (another of the organizers of the meeting), or the trip of one of the participants to Roslyn, the real town that served for the exteriors of the Serie.

For the occasion, the municipality of the municipality has given three spaces to convert this town of Soria in Cicely for a day: the church, where they will receive the participants recreating the neighborhood meetings of the series; the old laundry converted today into a bar and social center of the town; and the old forge, now a hall for local use.


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