February 27, 2021

Dock in Vigo an oil tanker that detected three stowaways on board

A Danish flag oil tanker has docked this Saturday in the port of Vigo after detecting three stowaways on board, after the crew received the approval of the Spanish authorities.

The ship ‘Harald Maersk’ is docked at the port of Transatlantic, waiting for a translator to get on board for Spanish border authorities to decide the procedure to follow, according to police sources.

At the moment the nationality of the three stowaways is unknown, which showed violent behavior when they were discovered by the crew, which is why he requested last night to dock at the port of Vigo.

According to the regulations, stowaways should remain on board the ship, because the shipping companies are responsible for returning them to the port of origin, in this case Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from which it departed on January 22, the sources added.


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