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Government Affairs departments are taking on an increasingly relevant and angular role in a regulatory environment subject to constant changes. This panorama demands a high professionalization to operate in a network where the actors, who act with different speeds, have increasingly complex patterns of behavior. Therefore, the key lies in your synthesis and synchronization role, where the opportunity to create added value lies.

The keys to this relevant function are given to us Guillermo Martinez, Director of Projects and Institutional Relations at LABE Group and, previously, Counselor of the Presidency and Citizen Participation of the Government of Asturias.

What are the functions of the Government Affairs specialists?

1.They provide methodology, strategy and knowledge, in such a way that solutions can be provided with minimal internal impact and, at the same time, with the ability to be sustainable over time. It is the idea of ​​efficiency in its purest form. The overall vision and the construction of a map where the interaction between the actors and the possible and probable scenarios is reflected. Understand the complex, flee from the accessory and show the intelligible.

two. Identify opportunities and tackle threats. A global and external vision is not incompatible with the specificity in the analyzes and the proposals, nor is it incompatible with the commitment. What’s more, it lacks constraints and partial interests internal to the set of proposed actions, providing a complete professionalization to the cycle.

3. Accompany and channel legitimate participation in regulatory frameworks. Influencing decisions means committing to the whole, but also exercising the representation of the closest interests; A right exercised with transparency reinforces one’s own confidence and forces one to establish priorities and evaluate results.

4. They make expert information available. No decision can be optimal if quality and proven information has not been available before. With constant changes in regulatory frameworks and in the dynamics of public administrations, which are also in full transformation, it is essential to reduce risks and save the volume of information, replacing it with a higher quality one.

Guillermo Martínez, director of projects and institutional relations at LABE.

Guillermo Martínez, director of projects and institutional relations at LABE.

5. Increase the value of the brand. Concern for corporate communication implies a more effective relationship with the communication media, a careful external communication, fleeing, in this way, from the classic introverted vocation of a part of the companies. Likewise, these specialists increase the value of the brand by betting on internal communication – the great forgotten and the one that generates the most lack of coordination. Ultimately, it is about fostering contingency management, capable of safeguarding the brand even in moments of reputational crisis.

6. They build bridges and create bonds. Weave alliances It is the best way to strengthen positions, but it is only possible if there is an adequate choice of partners, if it is capable of generating trust and if mutual expectations are met. It is the first step to open new and future collaborations. Only by working with wide horizons will it be possible to maintain results.

7. They build speech. The social footprint of companies is not only an exercise in transparency and measurement, it is the commitment to sustainability and with the future of the generations that will have to continue sharing limited resources and with fairer distributions. Real company projects know and apply this philosophy, but the levels of demand continue to move at the same rate that we become aware of the impact of our decisions not only on tomorrow, but on tomorrow.

Without a doubt, cultivate the soft power In the style of Joseph Nye, it is a bet on the value of attraction: convincing and influencing while trying to save the danger of disruption that Mark Leonard warns about. We are witnessing a different speed for institutions and actors and citizens, who demand more agility and more responses in an increasingly demanding environment.

The departments of Government Affairs They are committed to changes that strengthen the capacity of public powers to solve these problems. Ultimately, it is about improving the quality of decision-making processes through its ability to translate complex and, at times, cryptic languages ​​into others that can be shared by the set of stakeholders involved. Synthesize and synchronize. Great is the challenge.

Guillermo Martinez is Director of Projects and Institutional Relations at Labe Abogados.

Do you want to create value in your company?  This is what you need


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