Do you want a happy back to school?

Do you want a happy back to school?

The first day of school for a child is unique, especially if it is his first time | It's time to stick to a routine after a long summer vacation

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Start school with motivation and on the right foot is key from the first day. The time of rest is over and irremediably
start the course school.

Most children adjust well from day one, but this is not always the case. For this reason you have to go
changing habits little by little before the end of the holidays.

Adequacy is to properly monitor our children during these first weeks of school.

Tips to start this happy stage

  • The most important and mandatory thing is to change the schedules. Summer means changing schedules and routines, so we have to get our bodies used to getting up early, mental exercise and longer and more intense days. Little by little, the bath and dinner must be brought forward to put the child to bed earlier and get the body used to getting up early.

  • Talk to your child about school, builds trust, you can remind him that he is going to meet up with his friends or meet new ones. Recount all the good things that happen in class and mention the fun times that have happened (friends, recess, games, extracurricular activities...), motivate him and express that even if it is something new he will be able to overcome it because he has the capacity.

  • Get to know the teachers and the school. It is advisable to have a good relationship and communication with the teacher that will help your child's intellectual development. It would not be bad to make a visit to the school to familiarize yourself with the route.

  • Spend time with your child. The figure of the parents is essential for accompaniment. To the extent that your working day allows it, try to share time with the little one, at least during the adaptation period.

The wish of all parents is that their children have a
quick academic start, calm, excited and full of confidence, to be able to live this stage with joy. we propose
basic things so you don't forget anything for back to school:

  • Create a budget With everything you will need when classes start, you have to face a multitude of expenses, do not leave anything to chance, your pocket will thank you.

  • Prepare school supplies. Buy and prepare the case, agenda, books, pencils, colors, among many other things. Do not leave it for the last minute, try to do it with time so that it is cheaper.

  • The right backpack. Something essential and important. Choosing an inappropriate backpack can affect back problems, so a good selection should be made beforehand. Look for the most recommended for the child in time and choose from a wide variety that exists on the market. The best option that is light, practical, resistant fabrics and washable in the washing machine.

  • Custom stamps for clothing. For the little ones, identifying school supplies and clothing is essential before starting the course, stamps are the most comfortable, quick and practical.

  • Try on the uniform. It is best to try it on in advance to see if another size larger is necessary. Prepare the outfit in advance.

Changes create nerves and uncertainty,
the most important thing is tolerance and calm. As time goes by, the feeling of security and habit will settle down and everything will normalize.

each child is unique so every fitting experience is different. You have to give space and time to your new environment to get it to develop normally.

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