Do you know how to use escalators and elevators correctly? - The province

Do you know how to use escalators and elevators correctly? - The province

Use elevators or Mechanic stairs, increasingly present in many urban spaces, is part of many of the daily routine. But, Do we know how to use them correctly?

The reliability that we all grant to these media should not make us forget a series of basic tips to continue enjoying them with total security, especially when we go with children.

On escalators, for example, OTIS Zardoya advises that the little ones do not travel alone, but that they are accompanied by the hand of an adult. In any case, it is always advisable for any passenger to go up or down holding on the handrail. Carts or strollers must not access the escalators. If we go with them, we must go to the elevator. With children, we must be especially vigilant if any object falls. In that case, it is better not to collect them on our own, but to notify the maintenance manager.

In the escalators we will have to watch another series of basic norms, like taking special precaution if we wear long garments or avoid overtaking the foot to the area where the steps are folded. It is also advisable not to use them with rubber footwear, like flip flops, water shoes or clogs of this material.

If we go with pets, we must pick them up before going up or down.

In the elevators, children should not go alone, but with an adult. With strollers of children it is necessary to watch that the wheels of these do not remain stuck in the hollow between the floor and the cabin, although all we must take into account the possibility that it is generated one step between both when entering or leaving.

When entering the cabin or when leaving, you have to make sure that no object or article of clothing prevents the closing of the doors. Inside the elevator we must know that you never have to hit the doors or the walls. Do not jump or make sudden movements.

And if we get stuck in the cabin, you never have to choose to try to get out on our own. In that case, we must press the emergency button for four seconds to connect with the assistance center and then wait for the arrival of a technician.

Of course, you have to Always respect the load limit. And, if we travel with pets, we will have to keep her always by our side, preventing her from entering the elevator alone.


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