Do you have this 1 euro coin? So you can earn more than 100 euros

This coin has a printing fault

If you are one of those who has a basket full of coins at home, you may be rich. There are millions of coins in the world and some of them have such exclusive designs that they are difficult to find and there are even others that can appreciate in value over the years.

Coins can be worth more than you think. For example, there is
a one euro coin minted in 2008 in Portugal that can be resold for 105 euros on the collector's market. Its uniqueness is on the map found on the reverse.

This is a peculiar coin that is why its price can be so high.
That map that has the coin is incomplete and wrongsince those countries that joined the European Union a few years earlier are missing.

As can be seen, the new map is more complete than the old one, in which some Central European and Nordic countries that joined the European Union prior to 2008, the year in which that coin was minted, are missing.

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