April 15, 2021

Do not skip these headers of series | TV

Do not skip these headers of series | TV

– The jetty

The initial credits of this emotional drama of Movistar + they are accompanied by the song Coyotes from Travis Birds in an acoustic version that quickly puts you in the emotional mood that reigns in this story of a woman who, when her husband appears dead, discovers that she has been maintaining a double life with another woman just a few kilometers from she. Travis Birds is a Madrilenian singer-songwriter who, in her own words, describes the evolution of the phases of an obsession.

– The miracle

Another one of those headers that you never have to skip is that of the Italian series The miracle, available in Spain at Sky. The story starts when the police, in a raid on the mansion's mansion, is a virgin who cries blood, a miracle that tests faith and science and affects the life of a group of characters, from a He cures even a scientist passing through the Italian prime minister. The main theme is the famous Il Mondo, a song by Jimmy Fontana from 1965 that has had a lot of versions but here it sounds in its original version.

– True Detective

The HBO series has been reinvented in each season, with different stories and protagonists, and the same has been done with its headers, which maintain an oniric style, with images that are juxtaposed. The first season, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, started with the song Far From Any Road, from The Handsome Family, and helped create the setting that was key to his success. The second installment, with Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch, betting on a different visual style, more urban and dark, and had the voice of Leonard Cohen at the head with the song Nevermind. The third season is starring Mahershala Ali, who plays a policeman in three moments of his life but investigating the same case of the disappearance of two children. And the song of his opening is Death Letter, by Cassandra Wilson, a 1995 theme.

– Day to day

Gloria Estefan gives voice to the song with which the chapters of Day to day, One Day at a Time in the original version. Just as the series is a remake of a sitcom issued between 1975 and 1984, the song is also a new version of that This Is It, now with more Latin rhythms and that, although it is in English -if you choose the dubbed version, you can listen to the song in Spanish-, include some word in Spanish, as do the characters in the series, a family of Cuban origin that lives in Los Angeles A highly recommended series with a very traditional format sitcom but as funny as emotional at times and that deals with important issues such as immigration, death or, in the recently released third season, sexual consent, machismo or anxiety and depression. Laughter, tears and a header that makes you dance.

– Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This musical comedy ends this year with its fourth season and has been changing the song of the header each season with songs performed by the protagonist and creator of the series, Rachel Bloom, and that gave clues about where the season would go. As it shows, the one of the first season, with which we knew the series, and that counts the starting point of this history: a lawyer of success in New York and with mental problems that moves to a town in the other end of the country to try to win back an old love of childhood. In Spain you can watch three seasons on Netflix while we wait for the fourth installment.

– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Skipping this introduction, however much Netflix invites it, is a sin. Umbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, that has ended recently, is a comedy with quite highs and lows in which you never know if you will find a genius or a completely forgettable chapter. What you do always know is that the opening It will not disappoint you. In the first chapter we saw the origin of this song, composed from the words of a witness who lived in his caravan next to where the protagonist spent years locked in a hole and that told journalists their surprise at what happened. The song, written by composer Jeff Richmond, is a tribute to similar viral videos and has the seal of the Gregory brothers, who are also behind other viral similarities famous in the United States.

– Vis a vis

Vis a vis just said goodbye after its fourth season and after two installments on Antena 3 and another two on Fox. thriller set in a women's prison used the song at the head Agnus Dei, by Cecilia Krull composed by Manel Santisteban and that in recent seasons has had some arrangements to adjust more to the slightly darker tone of the series. Krull is a singer from Madrid who, with another series, has been heard all over the world, because she is the interpreter of the main theme of The paper house, My Life Is Going On.

– Bron (The bridge)

The song of this header transports quickly to the series The bridge, that ended last year after four excellent seasons (available in full on AXN Now and Movistar +) and leaving one of the most wonderful female characters of the last decade, Detective Saga Noren. Its main theme is Hollow Talk and belongs to Choir of Young Believers, a well-known band in Denmark that combines folk melodies, orchestral music and dark lyrics that go very well with the atmosphere of this series in which two detectives, one from Sweden and one from Denmark, have to Collaborate on a different case in each season.

– The great friend

recommendable Italian series which in Spain can be seen on HBO based on Elena Ferrante's novels about the life of two friends in Naples. The surround soundtrack of the series is composed by Max Richter, one of the responsible, with his compositions, that we loved so much The Leftovers. The theme of the header of The great friend its titled Whispers and it is accompanied by images of the protagonists, which change with the chapters as the girls grow up in the series.

– Bonus track: Russian doll

We cheat with this last proposal because it is not the song of the head of the series in reality, without the theme that is repeated in a loop in which it is one of the series of the moment, Russian doll, from Netflix. In it, the protagonist is trapped in a temporary loop that always comes back accompanied by the song of 1971 Gotta Get Up, by Harry Nilsson. Something similar to what happened to Bill Murray in Caught in time with I got you, babe. In this case, the protagonist, Nadia, not only returns to the same point again and again but, before, dies in different ways. The series starts as a comedy with a surreal point that becomes darker as it progresses. The song has not been chosen at random. In addition to his lyrics, which say "I have to get up, I have to leave, I have to get home before the morning comes", his singer, Nilsson, died in 1994 at 52 years of a heart attack caused by alcoholism. The protagonist and co-creator of the series, Natasha Lyonne, was operated on the heart years ago for her drug addiction.


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