Do not leave us without the instruction manual | sports

Do not leave us without the instruction manual | sports

Extinguished 2018:

I intend to thank you on your last day of life for certain things that you have brought us in the world of basketball. Some may be personal and non-transferable. Do not take it into account. The even years you can always die satisfied; You celebrate the Ryder Cup of golf. The lord of sporting events.

In professional basketball the sight quickly went to Barcelona, ​​because the crisis of his team just before the Copa del Rey led him to surrender desperately to Svetislav Pesic. Fifteen years after the glory of the triplet, with the same look of mischievous genius and the same chewing gum of the time, Pesic put the pot on the fire, transformed some guys with a glass chin into a team capable of winning Madrid in the final, and he reminded us all that "European basketball is a 5×5 game in which, as you neglect, a Serbian coach can beat you". The solid victory at the end of May of Real Madrid against the Fenerbahçe of Obradovic in the final of the Euroleague, definitively stamped a new emblem in the club with more titles; the seal of Ferrándiz in the 60 was relieved by Lolo Sainz in the 80s, and now the admired brand is worn by the Madrid by Pablo Laso in what we have been in for the past decade.

In the most personal part, the invaluable insanity of a childhood friend took us for the first time to witness an NBA game live (we saw the Sixers of Simmons and Embiid) and a double confrontation of the March Madness NCAA (the final tournament of the university league), with Duke and Villanova easily defeating their rivals. And he left us a reason for nostalgia. After the first part of the first university game, the players went to the dressing room and unexpectedly a pleasant silence invaded the modern pavilion, which allowed us to share a quiet conversation with the neighbors without the umpteenth seat Show witnessed last night. Professors entered in years proudly wore the emblem of their university in the dress. For a moment we imagine ourselves in any gym in the world, before the birth of the sports industry; two schools proud of their students, proud students of their school, and a game very well delivered without the need for coloring or added sugar. Imbued at the return of the trip by the sense of belonging and the parties with rest, it was the turn one more year (and go 17) to immerse ourselves in the Collegial Cup, "the best school basketball competition in the Old Continent", as proclaimed by proud founders

After the summer, our elite women faced their annual exam with the added pressure that the hosts always have. The World Cup was held in Tenerife, and they showed us again an outstanding record that already rubs shoulders with the most emblematic of any discipline at the national level. This bronze medal is the thirteenth among World Championships (3), Olympic Games (1) and European Championships (9) in the last 25 years. "I put little baskets, but what do I contribute to the world?" Laia Palau asked herself in this newspaper before the final. Lebron James probably has several answers to Laia's humble reflection, but on a very different plane. Laia is any of us facing a challenge, while Lebron is a Marvel character whose premiere of the season puts him back to the Lakers "close to the stars", as Ramón Trecet liked to say. I'm getting a nice gift from Reyes for the kids; a costume of Lebron, Luka Doncic or Diana Taurasi, next to the instruction manual of Laia Palau, or of my seat neighbor whose maximum idol was Ed Pinckey, with whom he had coincided in class the days before the mythical victory from Villanova University versus Georgetown's Patrick Ewing in the 1985 final. "By the way, Ed, what happened to you when you finished college basketball?"

Rest in peace, 2018. Happy New Year to all.

* To the memory of José María Abreu, one of the first Students.

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