Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Do not laugh at who believes that the Earth is flat, that only seeks affection | TV

Do not laugh at who believes that the Earth is flat, that only seeks affection | TV

They say that the documentary Behind the Curve (in Spanish, The Earth is flat, recently released on Netflix) laughs at the terraplanistas, but I do not think there is mockery, mockery or derision. If so, his interest would not go beyond an occurrence, but the film is fascinating because its author, Daniel J. Clark, tries to understand what leads a lot of neighbors of an educated society to defend that the Earth is flat.

The terraplanistas, who tell their delusions to the camera without the slightest of complexes and with the most daring of convictions, believe that there is a world conspiracy that takes 450 years deceiving humanity on the spherical shape of the planet. The CIA, NASA and Hollywood are the instruments to hide the obvious reality that anyone who looks at the horizon observes: everything is flat, there is no curvature.

At the beginning of the film, these characters are caricatures, but as the minutes progress they become stained with tenderness and drama. Little by little, we discovered them fragile and on the edge of social marginality. His terraplanist creed is a rebellion against a insignificance that can not stand; that's why they fire against astrophysics, which is the science that tells us how insignificant we are: a handful of beings stuck to a tiny rock that circles a galaxy, which in turn is a laughable portion of the universe.

Believing in conspiracies is a form of narcissism as much as consolation. It does not only mean that the world makes sense, but that those who govern it have devised a sophisticated trompe l'oeil for us. We are so important that someone has not noticed expenses or imagination to hide the truth from us, just as some loving parents pretend that the Tooth Fairy leaves five euros under his pillow. That's why you can not convince a terraplanista from the mockery and the attack. Unlike; you have to look for the roots of your anguish and loneliness, and urgently need to do so because every day they are more and more.


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