April 15, 2021

Do not count on me

Do not count on me


In the debate on Wednesday in Congress, the death of the Budgets "non-born" of President Sánchez. There was talk of everything but Budgets. I refer to its content, which did not seem to matter to anyone present in the Congress, with the only partial exception of Minister Montero who had gestated them, but who chose to defend her boss instead of her son. Budgets that they were only believed by the Government and we can that he had inoculated them with their most extreme postulates and that they had received the doubts and rejection of all the national and international organizations that had expressed their opinion about them.

With this result we get rid of a spectacular tax increase, that they were going to "extract" more than 10,000 million from the economic system, which would push us irremediably towards recession. On the contrary, and despite the rejection, Sánchez has enough material to provide content to his electoral program: pensions go up, as do the salaries of civil servants and those who charge the minimum. Add, they are many people.

The affected party will be the public deficit, since there will be no way to balance the committed expenses with untapped revenues, but the reality shows that, in this country, there are very few of us who suffer for it, only a few of us who are hurt by its increase.

Another negative derivative will be the return to the waiting room of the Pact of Toledo, which progresses in a desperately slow way in times of political calm (you do not remember, but there have been a few) and it gets stuck once things get twitchy. That ruins the possibility of agreeing on mechanisms to alleviate the break caused by the rise in pensions and that the deficit of the system will rise to the near vertigo of the pensions. 20,000 millions euros.

So it is not strange the forecast made by the Airef that places the public debt at 130% of GDP of the year 2048. And meanwhile, the whole left clamoring against the adjustments and bellowing against the cuts. When will it stop and who will pay for this deficit madness? Since I can not guarantee that you will be present so far away, do not count on me for the neckline.



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