"Do not climb the stairs, call emergencies," the chilling note in the house in which three children were killed

A taxi driver was driving his car at 07:00 yesterday through the Irish town of Newcastle when he met a totally disoriented woman and took her to the Tallaght hospital. When the police received the notice, two agents decided to go to his house in Parsons Court to see if everything was okay. When they arrived a chilling note placed on the door ventured what they would find inside the home. "Don't go up the stairs, call 999 (emergencies)."

Dublin police officers decided to enter the house and found a bleak scene. Two boys and one girl, aged 4, 8 and 10, were dead. They cordoned off the area immediately and called the coroners to analyze the scene. The first impressions are that the minors did not die naturally and that they could be drugged or poisoned.

The news fell like a jug of cold water in the small and quiet town, where, as published by "Mirror" there is a sense of horror and disbelief among the inhabitants exemplified by the testimony of a neighbor: "does not seem real. We are shaking. ”

The church priest, Father Kevin, sent a message of solidarity and prayed for the children and their family: “This is the saddest night. The devastating news has brought tragedy and darkness to our community. ”


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