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Do not buy "The Black Bible of Mongolia", it is a "heresy"

Do not buy "The Black Bible of Mongolia", it is a "heresy"

With humor as the main weapon, the boys of the magazine Mongolia reload, or rather "offend", because they say so, to all the religions with "The Black Bible of Mongolia", a "heresy" made by "souls of the demon "who recommend" not buy ".

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"I am here to complain about this heresy that these outcasts of Mongolia have done", proclaims Father Carmelo, or rather the humorist Dario Adanti, during the presentation of this book (Reservoir Books) made with Edu Galán and Fernando Rapa, all they created the satirical magazine Mongolia.

"This book is a great heresy that the devil's souls have done (...) offends all religions, even the poor Buddhists," continues Adanti, wearing a collar, from the pulpit of the Leo Bassi Pathological Church. before Galán enters the scene, who arrives giving life to the imam Salil Al-Salil.

Two characters created ad hoc for the occasion and who have asked that nobody buy this work, although if we look at the fact that behind a double denial there is an affirmation, the message was quite the opposite: buy this work because in times of tension this book about religions from a hilarious perspective can be a sort of balm of Fierabrás.

Experts in the most irreverent humor, the boys of Mongolia propose a book full of little pictures of saints with the faces of Pablo Iglesias, Santa Teresa or with a Jesus Christ with the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo; as well as a new look at passages of the Bible like the last supper.

A moment in the life of Jesus in which he addresses the apostles with a: "Do not cut yourself off and ask for the most expensive of the letter, which as I do not kill me today, I plan to make a 'simpa'".

"The people are not prepared for everything real," Father Carmelo says in Adanti's mouth.

But not only does he receive Christianity, but it is also an ideal work for those who deny Islam, Judaism, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, homeopathy, macro-biotic diets and tantric yoga.

"With this book and the vote to Vox you are only creating more radical Muslims," ​​the false Imalan Aldán vows about the party of Santiago Abascal, a politician who does not appear in the book by decision of its authors: "The Mongolians did not want it Put -ha ironized the grotesque character of Aldán- because they are wanting a right-wing government because with him is when more magazines sell ".

In this book full of creeds they also give prominence to the "new prayers" like Khomeini, or to new swimsuits for the Muslim woman: a "bikini print burkini" with which to say "goodbye to social pressure".

"Religions do not have to be respected, they must be put into question through humor", claims Aldán, for whom, contrary to Marx's phrase, "opium is not the religion of the people, it is something more pleasant".

Of course, in this review of the current and past religions there is also time to expand the culture through a dictionary in which they explain that angels are "the inner circle of God the Father, those who have permission to enter to his private revelry. "


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