Djokovic's strange disease in the final and against Federer at the Australian Open

The Serbian Novak Djokovic admitted after winning in the Australian Open final to Austrian Dominic Thiem (5) that getting historical number one as a player with the largest number of Grand Slams is one of his main goals.

“The Grand Slam are my main objective, so I continue to compete and play all season. I try to achieve historic number one, ”he added after conquering his seventeenth“ major ”and getting even closer to Swiss Roger Federer (20) and Spaniard Rafael Nadal (19).

The defender of the title in Melbourne Park explained that he did not agree with the penalty of a service he received for running out the timer to take out because it was a very delicate moment.

“The second was not necessary. He was able to react a little better in that situation. Those situations can change the dynamics of the game completely, it was a very important game. I have not been aggressive with him in terms of physically unbelieving him, ”he said when referring to the incident with the chair judge, when he touched his shoe three times.

Damien Dumusois, the French referee of the match, had warned him first and then cautioned him for exceeding the service time in a decisive game.

"After losing the second set I started to feel very bad," Djokovic continued. "I don't understand the reason, because I prepared the game and did the same as in the others. The doctor said I wasn't getting enough hydration. ", argument. "I had no specific injury, but I felt a little sick, it was as if I had no energy and had trouble focusing on the track. The doctor evaluated me and luckily I was able to improve from the fourth game. It happened to me in the semifinals in the duel against Roger Federer, ”said the Australian Open champion.

“I have had the privilege of winning this great tournament up to eight times. Start the season with this title catapult your confidence and your expectations for the rest of the year. Whatever happens, this season is already successful, ”he concluded after conquering his eighth crown on the banks of the Yarra River. EFE


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