Djokovic: "Nadal shows us all the definition of fighting spirit" | sports

Djokovic: "Nadal shows us all the definition of fighting spirit" | sports

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, Australian Open champion after defeating Rafa Nadal (6-3, 6-2, 6-3), has assured that the Spaniard continuously teaches them "the definition of resilience and fighting spirit", and has affirmed that it is "incredible" to have achieved three of the last four Grand Slam in play after recovering from his injury.

"I would like to congratulate Rafa for his two weeks." This night was difficult, but he returned from an injury that left him out of the circuit since September. He is showing me and all his companions and young tennis players from around the world the definition of resilience and fighting spirit, "he said after collecting the trophy that credits him as champion of the great ocean.

In addition, he was visibly moved after recalling his experience in recent times. "I'm trying to contemplate the journey of the last 12 months, they operated on me exactly 12 months ago, to stand here in front of you today, and to achieve this title and three of the four Grand Slam is really amazing. stressed.

The Balkan, who He dedicated the trophy to his team and the Australian fans, he remembered mostly about his family. "I would like to say hello to my family, starting with my wife, my son and my daughter, I hope you have seen me, at least they said that before the game they would see," Nole joked.

"Trophies are even more special when you have someone so dear and special in life to share it with, they are the most beloved people on this planet, I love you very much," he concluded.

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