Djokovic fulminates Federer and is already in the Australian Open final

Seen the precedents (five straight wins of Djokovic in Grand Slams, no win of Federer in these tournaments since 2012) and that the Swiss came something touched, the world number two was planted in the semifinal of the Australian Open, in the classic of the Tennis, as a clear favorite. Maybe that's why the start of his rival, explosive, aggressive, agile Federer, was not expected to make a quick break and even if the serve was broken later, repeat the next game. The game was going fast, pretty, despite the few exchanges. And then the Swiss had it, twice: 5-2 and 0-30, two points to sign up that first round. Djokovic solved it. And then with his serve the winner of 20 Grandes failed, starting with a double foul. There was the Serbian, the tennis player who has seen himself during the last two weeks in Melbourne: wild, almost invincible and in delicate moments, even more solid. The resistance of the Swiss arrived until the tie break ... His only option was to have awarded that initial sleeve, see that it was possible, but if with 25 winning shots, eight direct serves and a high level did not succeed ...

From there there was no match. Djokovic did practically what he wanted, sending with his blow backwards, with which he rounded Federer in the corner also of his backhand to fulminate it later. Legs, elasticity, depth (what ability he has to play long almost always), the great service that has improved in recent times ... The Serbian dominated the track and his opponent survived with his touches of genius, with a parallel setback by Bright here, with a volley ... I played points, but the match was from Nole. Threatens again and again to make breaks, until he succeeded, to have two thirds of meeting more or less placid. The Serbian, of course, is not Millman or Sandgren, against whom Roger saved two rounds from a miracle, including seven match balls against the American. Djokovic does not allow that.

Now world number two will fight to defend the title against Thiem or Zverev. It would be his eighth triumph at the Australian Open and if he succeeds he will regain world number one.


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