March 2, 2021

Djokovic-Bautista, live – The Province

Roberto Bautista takes Novak Djokovic looking for a position in the Wimbledon final. This is the third time that the tennis player from Castellón will face the Serbian season. In the two previous occasions, the Spanish has imposed to Djokovic, in Doha and Miami. In addition, in a previous meeting, in Shanghai 2016, Bautista also achieved victory.

This is the first semifinal of a Grand Slam that disputes Bautista, that at this stage of the tournament I expected to be bachelor farewell in Ibiza and not before the historic opportunity to be the third Spanish, after Manolo Santana and Rafael Nadal, in stepping on the Wimbledon final.

A triumph that would also lead him to be, for the first time in his career, 'top ten' worldwide. For that you will have to overcome the great favorite to the title and the current defender of it. The four-time champion wants his sixteenth 'major' and not drop out of a race in which the other two contenders will jump to the track knowing whether Serbian or Spanish will be in the final.


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