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The divorces They have fallen by 2.8% in the last year, to 95,254, according to the Statistics on Annulments, Separations and Divorces (ENSD) corresponding to the year 2018 and published this Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). During 2018 there were 99,444 cases of nullity, separation and divorce, which meant a rate of 2.1 per 1,000 inhabitants. The total cases involved a decrease in 2.8% over the previous year.

By type of process, there were 95,254 divorces, 4,098 separations and 92 annulments. Divorces accounted for 95.8% of the total, separations 4.1% and annulments the remaining 0.1%. Thus, the number of divorces decreased 2.8% compared to the previous year, that of separations 4.3% and that of annulments 8%.

By type of resolution, 63,915 cases were resolved by sentence and 35,529 by decree or public deed. 77.7% of divorces in 2018 were by mutual agreement and the remaining 22.3% were contentious. In the case of separations, 85.1% were by mutual agreement and 14.9% were contentious. In addition, in 2018 there were 1,141 divorces between people of the same sex (1.2% of the total). Of these, 595 were among men and 546 among women. In addition, there were 11 separations (0.3% of the total).

43.1% of the marriages corresponding to separation or divorce resolutions had no children (economically dependent minors or elders). This percentage was similar to the previous year, according to the INE. 45.1% had only minor children, 5.1% only economically dependent children of legal age and 6.7% economically dependent children and older children. 25.4% had only one child (economically dependent minor or elder).

In 57.3% of divorce cases and separation of spouses of different sex, an alimony was assigned (57% in the previous year). In 68% the payment of the alimony corresponded to the father (71% in 2017), in 4.4% to the mother (4.5% in the previous year) and in 27.6% to both spouses ( 24.5% in 2017). On the other hand, in divorces and separations between same-sex spouses, an alimony was assigned in 24.5% of the cases.

One in three cases, joint custody

Custody of minor children was granted in 52.1% of divorce and separation cases between different sex spouses. In 61.6% it was granted to the mother (65.0% in the previous year), in 4.2% it was obtained by the father (4.4% in 2017), in 33.8% it was shared (30.2% in 2017) and in 0.4% it was granted to other institutions or relatives.

In cases of divorce and separation of same-sex spouses, custody measures of minor children were adopted in 23.9% of divorces and separations. Of these, in 47.5% custody was obtained by one of the two spouses and in 52.5% it was shared.

In 9.7% of the separations and divorces of different sex spouses, a compensatory pension was set. In 90.8% of them the payment of this was assigned to the husband. As regards the filing of the claim, in 67.2% of the cases of separation and divorce (spouses of different sex) it was filed by both spouses, in 21.5% by the wife and in 11, 3% by the husband.

The annulment, separation and divorce rate per 1,000 inhabitants in Spain was 2.1 in 2018. The autonomous city of Ceuta, Valencian Community and Catalonia (2,4) registered the highest rates per 1,000 inhabitants. On the contrary, Castilla y León, Extremadura and País Vasco (1.8 the three) presented the minors.

The average duration of marriages up to the date of the resolution was 16.8 years, slightly higher than that of 2017. Marriages dissolved by divorce had an average duration of 16.6 years, while that of separated marriages was of 22.8 years. On the other hand, the average time elapsed between the marriage and the declaration of nullity was 6.6 years.

33.3% of divorces occurred after 20 years of marriage or more, and 19.7% between five and nine years. In the case of separations, 53.4% ​​of the marriages had a duration of 20 years or more, and 15.0% between 10 and 14 years.

74.7% of divorces were resolved in less than six months (75.2% in 2017). In turn, in 8.5% of cases the duration was one year or more (7.9% in 2017). 82.8% of the separations were resolved in less than six months (81.6% in 2017), while 5.4% took a year or more (5.8% in 2017).

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