Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Divorce makes Bezos' wife the third richest in the world

El divorcio convierte a la mujer de Bezos en la tercera más rica del mundo

To this day, and from the Forbes list from last March, Jeff Bezos continues to be the richest person in the world after accounting for his divorce. Your ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, went ahead to Jeff Bezos when announcing that they had reached an agreement for which she will stay with 25% of Amazon's shares. According to the regulation in the state of Washington, where they have their residence, the wife could have claimed up to 50%.

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Instead, MacKenzie said she was satisfied to close this 25-year marriage, leaving 75% of the business to her husband, to which he also gives the vote of his percentage. In addition, he also keeps the interests in the space company Blue Origin and the newspaper The Whashington Post.

In the top 30

The fortune of MacKenzie Bezos now reaches 29,000 million euros

Forbes He calculated that the fortune of Jeff Bezos, pending the outcome of the divorce, amounted to a few weeks ago to 131,000 million dollars (about 117,000 million euros). This amount is higher than the one calculated for Bill Gates, who is next on the list.

According to the oscillations of shares, MacKenzie owns more than 36,000 million (more than 32,000 million euros). This figure places her among the 30 richest, the third woman. "I am very encouraged with my plans," she added in a tweet.

For his part, Jeff Bezos has also been satisfied with the deal he has made: "I am very grateful to my family and friends for this agreement and, more than anyone else, to MacKenzie." American media had rumored that the Amazon tycoon had avoided being seen with his new girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, during the processing of their divorce agreement.

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