Disruption in the online language school due to the dismissal of five teachers – La Provincia

Disruption in the online language school due to the dismissal of five teachers - La Provincia

"For organizational reasons, from February 1 will have assigned a new teacher or group for the second semester." With this message, signed by the Official School of Languages ​​at a Distance Canary Islands Ministry of Education and Universities of the Autonomous Government, and sent this Monday, January 28, the students of the cessation of their teachers, specifically five, in the English course they have been developing since September in this modality of Distant teachinga, and that is part of the bilingualism project launched in 2017 for teachers of public Primary and Secondary Education centers.

A measure that has aroused the outrage of the more than 200 affected students, who are forced "mid-course" to a change of teacher, group work, and even some may suffer changes in the schedule.

"We are outraged because we have been with a teacher since September and they tell us from one day to the next that they change us, they relocate us to another group and maybe they modify our schedule." This implies having to start from scratch, when we already had an advanced path. with our teacher, who knows our weaknesses and strengths, "indicated a group of affected students.

These protests have been transmitted to those responsible for the Ministry of Education through individual writings, although they do not rule out initiating collective measures, and even withdrawing from the course they have been developing since September.

"The worst of all is that they do not explain why, they just say that for organizational reasons, organization for whom ?, this sounds more like economic cuts, and at this stage of the course it is a violation of our rights as students. No one was told at the beginning of the course, when we enrolled, that in the middle of it we would see ourselves like this ", the affected ones emphasize.

Regarding the fact that the number of students has decreased since the online course began, they assure that one or two students have been discharged from their respective groups, "with which we do not understand that this is a reason to change now all of us the others, "they underline, while complaining about being informed at the last minute of the change," by an email to which they do not even give us the option to answer ".

On the other hand, this group of students of online language courses for teachers and teachers of public educational centers, propose that, instead of stopping these five teachers, re-open the enrollment of students for this training.

"If the problem in the end is that there are fewer students, why do not they open the registration again?" In September, many classmates were left out, in fact there was a waiting list of teachers who did not get a seat. these people ?, we do not explain it to us ". They also insist that they do not want to start over from scratch. "Our teachers love us, the classes are pleasant, we have learned a lot, and although we did not doubt the professionalism of the rest, many of us had managed to lose the sense of ridicule in class and now we are starting again".

35% less students

The director General of Vocational Training and Adult Education of the Canary Islands, Manuel Jorge Pérez, justified the cessation of the five professors of the Online Language School, by a reduction of 35% of the students. "We have not made any cuts, the issue is that these five teachers were hired until January 31, and we no longer need them, we hire for training in different language levels per semester, as the number of students has decreased. 35%, fewer teachers are needed and that is why these five who had contracts until January do not follow, "said Jorge Perez, who blames the reduction of students – public school teachers – to the call for applications this year in Primary. And he pointed out that the groups will not suffer an increase of students, "there has been a grouping to compensate the casualties".


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